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509 - The Girl in Lovers Lane

First Broadcast - 12 Noon Saturday, Sept 18th 1993
#19 in Mighty Jack's Top 100
Excellence Level: Best in Show
Movie Pain: Medium - Very sad, but decent film
Riffing: I laughed so hard I wet 'em!
Skits: Generally hilarious

Sad story really, with some of the best acting you're likely to find in a B-Movie. Paul Chaplin (in the ACEG) is right; Carrie "is so very", is a sweet and likable character. So much so that you can't help but feel bad for the girl. That mournful edge could have hurt this episode if it wasn't for the fact that Joel, Crow and Servo were on their game.

Highlights include the gang having fun with naive Danny and his "hero worshiping" antics towards hobo mentor, Bix Dugan. J&TB's have Danny misunderstanding the name as "Big Stupid"- very funny! And hilarity ensues during the many time travel/worm hole moments scattered throughout the film. The Lovers Lane theme song and the bubble bath scene... man, the good stuff is plentiful here.

Host segments are top drawer with Crow's inspired turn as Jack Elam, and the Mads funny but wicked "Baseball Event" promotions.

Host Segments
Intro: Belly buttons for Tom and Crow. Invention: From the Mads it's Evil Event Days for baseball games. J&TB's have created Doc/Don Martin footwear. Segment 1: A few "not so traditional" train songs on the SOL. Segment 2: Inspired by the movie, Crow and Servo set up a pinball machine and try to set up Joel. Segment 3: Crow IS Jack Elam. End: Rewrites for the films ending. Stinger: Woman in a bathtub.

Notable Riffs
* "Wait, We just want to pants you; we never pants a hobo before" - Joel as punks
* "Big, should I have not put my head in the driver's lap? Was that wrong?" - Crow as Danny
* "Did his head just turn into a big sucker?" - Servo
* "Hey -- my eye went straight! Thanks" - Joel as Jack Elam
* "No, I'm saving myself for the right oily drifter." - Joel as Carrie
* "Oh, this is a great date. I've always wanted to be nuzzled by a hobo." - Joel as Carrie
* "Pa doesn't know very much about girls' clothes." - "There's so much you could say to that." - Carrie/Crow
* "Pervert Burger" - Crow as Jack Elam
* "She's a prostitute. You can't really shame her, okay?" - Joel
* "Tell me all about yourself." - "Well, I don't have any bones, I'm all cartilage..." -Sadie/Servo as Danny
* "What I'm gonna do, see, is kill you and strap you around my body for armor." - Servo as Big Stupid
* "He's wearing a stomach sock." - Joel
* "Why is she singing the theme to the 6 Million Dollar Man?" - Joel
* "I aint the guy you're looking for." - "You ate him; why?" - Bix/Servo as Carrie
* "Joel when I grow up I wanna be a drifter" - Crow
* "I have to wipe him." - Joel
* "Why did she keep calling me John?" - Servo as Danny

Riffs Explained
"Richie Brockelman; the Lost Episodes" - Servo
Richie Brockelman was a 1978 "Rockford Files" spin-off which lasted all of 5 episodes! It starred Dennis Dugan, who went on to direct Adam Sandler in "Happy Gilmore" and "Big Daddy" (Dennis played the reluctant trick-or-treat giver in Big Daddy) 

"Like Father, Like Bum? Think about it" - Joel
This comes from a PSA that aired in the late 60's. In the ad, a young boy is shown imitating his father. Washing the car, waiving, etc. Then Pop sits by a tree and lights up a cigarette. Son looks at dad, then grabs the pack. The voice-over says the words... Like Father, Like Son? Think about it. 

"I am Xenon, play me" - Servo
This comes from Bally's first speaking Pinball machine Xenon (1979). Voiced by composer and synth wizard Suzanne Ciani, the machine would "OO" and "AH" and tell you that, "Xenon is pleased" while you played! (Special thanks to David Byers from The Pinball Pasture for helping me pin down the name of this machine.)

Stuff & Nonsense
* Joyce Meadows (Carrie) said that Jack Elam was such a sweet man that she couldn't help giggling when he turned nasty during the strangulation scene. Jack kept whispering in her ear, "You must not laugh", which made her laugh even harder.

* Brett Halsey (Bix) won the Golden Globe in 1961 for "Most Promising Newcomer".

* The movie's Producer Robert Roark can be seen as an actor in the film "Mr. Roberts". He played Insigna.

Available on DVD: Volume 15

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