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510 - The Painted Hills

With Short: Body, Care and Grooming

First Broadcast - 10 am Sunday, Sept 26 1993
#8 in Mighty Jack's Top 100
Excellence Level: Best in Show
Movie Pain: Low - Shep only hurts those who hurt her
Riffing: I laughed so hard I wet 'em!
Skits: Solid, good humor with bits of hilarity

It took me a while to get around to watching this one. Why? Because a movie about a collie named Shep and her prospector pal Jonathan, didn't sound very exciting. What a silly lad, haven't I learned yet not to judge a book by it's cover? What awaited me was one of the finest episodes of the series, and one that finishes up the greatest string of experiments in the shows history (Sinbad, Eegah, I Accuse My Parents, 007, Girl in Lovers' Lane and this one).

Starting with first class swipes at a very clean short, "Body Care and Grooming". the episode swings into high during the feature. From the moment the movies narrator makes his pitch, J&TB are right on top of him with jokes thrown out like fastballs. The scene then shifts on to Jonathan, who is laying under a thin cover of dust from which Lassie rescues him; and once again there's the crew, offering up a series of belly busting quips.

From then on I knew I was in for something special. The guys nail one sharp riff after another -the montage scene slayed me- And of course, quirky characters are always fun and "Painted Hills" brings us the Bible thumping, 'Pile-On-Pete'.

The overall comedic style is less snide commentary and runs more along the lines of "speaking dialog" for the actors. This works brilliantly for this kind of movie (which is better than the average stink bomb they get to riff on) and I was laughing so hard it hurt.

The Host segments are good, while not quite up to the level of the work done in the theater I thought they were very solid. The skit I enjoyed the most was Crow's twisted essay on Rutherford B. Hayes.

Of Note: Joel and the Bots host a very funny Intro on the Shout Factory release, in which Tom and Crow translate Shep's barks. Later Joel shows clips of the "pile on" running gag.

Host Segments
Intro: A Tonight Show skit with Crow Leno. Invention: In Deep 13 we discover the power of Frank's heart! On the SOL, they do some "Back Talking". Segment 1: The bots debate on the girl in the short. Segment 2: Term papers on the white haired prospector in today's film. Segment 3: Tom has gold fever and melts down Crow. End: The bots wanna convict Lassie and Dr. F tries to get Frank's heart a pumping again. Stinger: Gal from the short, pops her head out of the shower.

Notable Riffs
Body Riffs
"When a young mans fancy turns to..." - "Underpants" - Narrator/Crow
"Look at the blouse" - "I'm looking, I'm looking" - Narrator/Crow
"Hi! I'm Moisty, the national spokesman for sweat" - Servo
"Excuse me. I couldn't help but notice how much you look like everyone else." -Crow
"Expressing individualism is just plain wrong" - Crow
"Ah Spring..." - "Filthy, shameful Spring" - Narrator/Crow
"And remember, when you touch yourself the Saints cry" - Crow

Painted Riffs
"Jonathan has something he wants to show us" - "He's the worlds largest elf" - Martha/Joel
"Why'd he have to die?" - "You must have done something wrong Tommy" - Tommy/Joel
"He's got mange, distemper and lots of ticks" - Servo
"You're drunk aren't you, bad dog" Joel as Tommy
"Look, if you keep this down you can have soda crackers and watch "That Girl" - Joel
"Shep, what is it?" - "It's a cabin you little turd" - Tommy/Joel as Shep
"Well looks like the montage finally blew over" - Joel
"Finally, sweet Metamucil" - Joel as Pete
"Pete, give me my underthings back" - Servo
"In fact I'm as irregular as they come" - "EWWW!" - Pete/All
"Ahh yes, I just have to touch that hair... ahh soft" - Joel as Taylor
"How am I going to explain this in just barks?" - Crow as Shep
"Kid, you gotta french horn in your chest" - Crow
"I'm gonna teach you the meaning of arf" - Crow
"Thanks for the treaty mister!" - Joel
"Arf-keeba!... Gym-collie!..." - Joel
"Book of Me, Chapter 4, Verse 12..." -Joel as Pile-On Pete
"I'm a dog, I can't process this much information at once" - Joel
"Remember last week, when he was alive? Well, that didn't last." - Joel as Taylor
"I'm having a personal pants pile-on" - Joel as Pete

Riff Explained
Hey, what are you. Claudine Longet?" - Crow
Longet was a French actress/singer who, in 1976, (accidentally?) shot and killed her boyfriend; skiing champion Vladimir Sabich.

"This is no place for a convertible" - Crow
This is a line Phil Silvers spoke in the movie "It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World" during the scene where he drives his car through a body of water

Stuff and Nonsense
* John Wayne actually owned Lassie for a day! During the filming of "Hondo", Rudd Weatherwax lost the pooch in a poker game to the Duke. The next morning Wayne felt guilty and returned the dog to the owner/trainer. Source: "The Official John Wayne Reference Book" by Charles John Kieskalt

* Director Harold Kress was better known as an editor. He won Oscars in that role for "How the West was Won" in '63, and "The Towering Inferno" in 1974. Harold's credits include editing the Best Picture winner "Mrs. Miniver" and riff friendly "Viva Knievel!"

Available on DVD: Volume 31

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