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511 - Gunslinger

First Broadcast - 7 pm Saturday, Oct 9th 1993
#64 in Mighty Jack's Top 100
Excellence Level: Gold
Movie Pain: Low - Likable western with solid acting
Riffing: A hail of quick-witted bullets
Skits: Much merriment

Move over John Ford; Roger Corman makes a western: This vastly under-rated gem offers up 2 solid actors, Beverly Garland & John Ireland, 1 humorously annoying one (Jonathan Haze) and MST vets, Bruno VeSota (Daddy-O, Giant Leeches) & Allison Hayes (Unearthly, Undead)- all of whom make this a watchable film.

Joel, Crow and Servo makes it hysterical. I mean, how can you not love a movie that has a guy living in a hall, features a cat fight with 3 disgruntled dancers ("But what about our clothes?" asks the fights loser, when she's told to... "Get out of town!") And makes "Beef Roast" the tag line of the year? The gang has a field day with all of this and had me laughing at a steady rate.

As for the host segments: They’re decent, kind of low key but amusing enough. Tom popping up out of nowhere is cute and it was fun watching Clayton try to put the "Scanner" on Frank and taking a lollipop to the noggin for his troubles.

Host Segments
Intro: The crew plays Kaboom! with Tom's head. Invention: Clay uses what he learned in the "Scanner Planner" on Frank. On the SOL it's Wiffle products. Segment 1: J&TB lay in caskets and talk about their funerals. Segment 2: Pony Express messaging. Segment 3: Servo appears out of nowhere at will. End: Talking about the 70's. Deep fried mail and Frank loses his head. Stinger: Beverly orders dancers out of town.

Notable Riffs
"Cue the Horses" - Joel
"Oh, Right in the little man!" - Servo
"Boy, it's really 'blue' out today." - Crow
"Come in -- er, out...?" - Joel as Cane
"Neat. Dark specter in basic black." - Servo
"The British were comin'! The British were comin'!" - Joel
"Six immigrants at the gap, got it." - Joel as drunk Cane
"This movie is just sitting on my head and crushing it." - Joel
"I told ya, no changes..." "Now get out of my hall." - Cane/Servo
"More than anything I ever meant in my life... I mean that" - "Except there was something I said a while back that I meant more than that." - Cane/Crow
"And naughty, spank! And naughty, spank! And you've been bad in the tushie!" - Servo singing
"He shoulda slid him across the bar." - "That hadn't been invented yet." - Joel/Servo
"You know...'Beef Roast'... In the oven" - Crow as Mayors wife
"Sure, what kind of favor?" - "Get a restraining order on yourself" - Wormy/Joel as Erica
"Oh now she's in my room again, what am I going to do?" - Joel as Cane
"Come on, come on, lets go" - "I'm DOING it!" - Beverly/Joel as Mayor
"You wanted to know my business." - "You did your business up there?" - Cane/Crow
* "there's a, beef roast in the... aaahhhh." - Servo as Mayors wife
Little Man: "You gonna let it be?" - Servo: "Speaking words of wisdom"
* "Hey, a chocolate gorilla's foot!" - Joel upon seeing brown saddlebag hanging from door.
Cain: "The good die first" - Servo: "Most people are morally ambiguous, which explains our random dying patterns."

Riffs Explained
Dennis Moore?
A Monty Python skit about a guy who steals Lupins (a plant) from the rich to give to the poor. Tom sings his theme song as Beverly gallops along the plains.

"I have to tell you something..." - "I'm Pop Staples." - Erica/Joel
Pops was a Gospel singer, but I have no idea why Joel throws out this riff as there is no resemblance.

Stuff and Nonsense
* John Ireland was nominated for Best Supporting Actor in 1949 (for "All The Kings Men"). He lost to Dean Jagger. Dean later played Carl Webster in "Stranded In Space" (show #305).

* Allison Hayes broke her arm when her horse slipped in the mud and threw her off. While waiting for a ride to the hospital, Corman had Allison look left and right and shot a reel of close ups. Roger had to finish her scenes with a double.

* During a scene with Jonathan Haze, the riff "I'm a Grimmault Warrior" is spoken. Funny, but wrong. Yes Haze was in show #317 "Viking Women and the Sea Serpent". But he was the Viking boy, Ottar, not the whinny prince who spoke that line in the film.

Available on DVD: Collection Volume 6

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