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519 - Outlaw

First Broadcast - 7 pm Saturday, Dec 11 1993
#80 in Mighty jack's Top 100
Excellence Level: Gold
Movie Pain: Medium - Shrill Queen & Whatney were royal pains
Riffing: Wildly funny for the most part
Skits: Generally solid, good humor

Outlaw is the story of a guy named Cabot -that's... "Cabot" mind you- who picks up a lumpy pig like man at a bar; and then drives through a time/space portal. At the other end of this portal is a land of sword, sorcery and silly hats; Where Cabot is soon thrust into battle against Jack Palance and the evil queen Laura, while teamed up with a blond midget.

Though an unsteady effort, with pockets that didn't knock me out. When inspiration struck, it struck hard. M&TB are at their funniest when zeroing in on Cabot's blond side kick. Whether mimicking his voice or making observations on his appearance, these quips were a riot (I busted a seam when they noticed his resemblance to Joey Heatherton). Other fonts of humor include the excess of "Cabots" spoken ad nauseam at the films beginning, and the blinding wealth of buffalo shots that both amuse and horrify.

The skits are all pretty good. I love the way this episode opens; with boys being boys, Crows introduction of the Mads ("The twin airbags are calling"), M&tB's as "thick buttery slabs" of Fabio and Frank 'n Forrester's lame time machine. Though the Palance book skit was a bust (and strangely, the Jack jokes were the weakest in the theater as well), Sailor Mike and a spritely song tip the scales on the positive.

Host Segments
Intro: Some roughousing on the SOL. Segment 1: The Mads test their Time Machine. M&TB are Fabio. Segment 2: Sailor Mikes theater scrapbook. Segment 3: The guys sing "Tubular Boobular Joy". Segment 4: Jack Palance's Biography. End: Hinder shots and dancing. Stinger: A Queen who doesn't like worms.

Notable Riffs
"'Don't want to be pleasured by the slave girl'... What was I thinking!?" -Crow (as Cabot).
"It's Dr. Freud's office" - Crow
"This is a surprise," - "Someone who'll talk to me." - Whatney/Mike
"Mmmm... Dove bars. I love 'em no matter what dimension I'm in!" - Mike as Cabot
"She feels for me, and I feel for her, and we're free to express it..." - "naked." - Cabot/Crow
"Cabot, no one would see if you killed him right now." - "They'd probably give you a free drink at the 'Pullman'." - Mike/Crow
"Honey, I shrunk the Nelson." - Crow
"Cabot. Cabot?, CABOT!" - "Nope, doesn't ring a bell" - Mike
"Any chance Barney Rubble there could go through the windshield?" - Mike
"He looks like a happy pig" - Servo on Whatney
"When there's no getting over that rainbow" - Crow as blondie (doing Paul Williams)
"I like Wade, he's just not a dancer." - Mike
"The littlest buffalo shot of them all" - Servo on Blondie (spoken w/an Irish lilt)
"Hi-O!, whatever your name is." - Mike as Cabot
"Keep going, farther." - Mike as Cabot
"Well, it's just that I envy that structure." - Servo
"what does this clown have against dirt?" - Mike
"It's time for the brutal gourmet!" - Servo
"They're all built like whippets." - "whip it good." - Mike/Crow
"Cabot, want some?" - "No thanks Daddy-O." - Blondie/Crow

Stuff and Nonsense
Outlaw was the episode submitted when MST won its Peabody award in 1993 (Ed Bradley handed them the award in New York). If your curious to read what they had to say about the show, check out the Peabody Awards web site and do a "past winners" search.

* Rebecca Ferratti (Talena) was an original member of TVs American Gladiators and is a martial arts instructor in California.

Riff Explained
King: "The entertainment's about to start..."
Servo: "Morty Gunty's up first."
Morty Gunty hosted a few Children Shows and was the original Buddy Sorrell in the pilot for the "Dick Van Dyke Show" (then called "Head of the Family".

Available on DVD: Volume 30

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