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520 - Radar Secret Service

With Short: Last Clear Chance

First Broadcast - 7 pm Saturday, Dec 18 1993
#76 in Mighty Jack's Top 100 
Excellence Level: Gold
Movie Pain: High - Redundant and everyone looks the same
Riffing: Radar-licious through the first hour, delightful dark short
Skits: Solid, good humor

This experiment starts off with another excellent short, The cheery and uplifting "Last Clear Chance". It's all about kids who love to waive and smile and drive into trains. Ah, fun.

Then it's off to the main experiment, which is a dull piece about the wonders of Radar. A device which apparently can do anything (except find that damn donut cart). The soundtrack will have you hungering for the great taste of Golden Grahams, and the cast will leave you scratching your head! You see, everybody looks like everyone else which makes it difficult to tell the good from the bad guys.

R.S.S stars a lot of familiar faces to Msties, including the White Devil and Sam "unfunny as hades" Melton. The Host segments are outstanding (boosted by the performances of our cast, ala Crow's mad giggling over his panties), the riffing is razor sharp through the first hour, though it drops off in the final 20 minutes -keeping it from a higher grade. And the stinger is hysterical.

For me, season 5 was the best - and as good as Radar is, it's about to get even better next week.

Host Segments
Intro: Mike mess's up Crow's maintenance checkup. Segment 1: Mike's attempts to escape on a rope. The Mads present "Hypno helio static stasis". Segment 2: Trooper Tom presents the hilarious: "Why Don't They Look?" Segment 3: Mike's 10-year high school reunion as envisioned by the bots. Segment 4: Mike and Crow show Tom their Quinn Martin Nature Preserve. End: The crew of the SOL have an antidote for "Hypno helio static stasis". Stinger: Hysterical maid.

Notable Riffs
Clear Riffs
* "Never, under any circumstances, drive with your butt-cheeks." - Servo
* "Trains are blameless, holy creatures..." - Mike as Narrator
* "I'm going to go throw myself in the Thresher!" - Servo
* "Send for help. The Cop won't leave" - Crow
"You're spending the night in the barn with your crazy cousin" - Crow
* "You see, when a man loves a car very much he reclines the seat back and..." - Mike
* "Forty percent of all traffic accidents are caused by women's hinders" - Crow
"I'm making a choo choo in my pants" - Grandpa

Radar Riffs
"Only radar knows what the hell is going on." - Mike
* "Evidence that Christ himself created Radar" -Servo
"Why is he turning off that highway?" - "Radar can't look into their hearts sir." - Captain/Servo as headset guy
* "No! My grandparents are making out" - Mike
* "Radar knows what you want to order" - Mike
"Boy, The Government would collapse without this guy" - Crow
* "Vintage cars were really popular back then" - Mike
* "When Triple A was controlled by the Mob!" - Crow
* "It's not Blackie. It's African Americanie" - Mike
"Unfortunately with Radar we can now get the Nashville Network" - Crow
"Employees must wash tongues before returning to work" - Mike
"Your attention please. You will love Radar. Give yourself up to it freely" - Mike
* "It's not the Radar, it's the size of the amplitude, if you know what I mean" - Crow
"Duplicate shots with Radar. Yes, thanks to Radar we only had to shoot three scenes!" - Mike
* "But can Radar save our stifling marriage?" - Servo
* "Have you tried Radar on your feet?" - Crow
* "D-Oh! Did you have to bring your walker up here?" - Mike
"A very "Waltons" Radar Christmas" - Crow
"Bobbers. Red and white plastic bobbers. They float, use them." - Crow
"Each box has a piece of Sid Melton in it" - Crow

Riff Explained
"Oh, dinner at the Homesick Restaurant" - Servo
This is the title of a novel by author Anne Tyler "The Accidental Tourist"

Willy the Waffle's Whistle!
One joke that's grown funnier was when a Radar cop whistles and Crow says "No Waffles!" This is a reference to show #317, but has added flavor years later because we can now picture "Coily" from episode #1012 (A Case of Spring Fever) who inspired it all.

Stuff and Nonsense
* Robert Carson, who played Tom, the radio operator, won a "Best original story" Oscar in 1938 for "A Star is Born". A prolific screenwriter and actor, Robert can also be seen in "Girls Town" as Chip's father.

* Adel Jergens (Lila) was married to the "Amazing Colossal Man", Glenn Langan.

* The actor who played Patrolman Hal Jackson in "Last Clear Chance" was William Boyette. Bill is best known for his role of Sgt MacDonald in the series, "Adam 12" - but he has a long television resume that often saw him playing Detectives, Policemen, Judges and the like. Officers of the law seemed to suit him well.

Available on DVD: Volume 32

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