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523 - Village of the Giants

First Broadcast - 7 pm Saturday, Jan 22 1994
#41 in Mighty Jack's Top 100
Excellence Level: Platinum
Movie Pain: Low - Dumb, but not unbearable viewing
Riffing: Hilarious
Skits: Wildly funny

Sadly, this will be the final Bert I. Gordon masterpiece featured on MST. And even more sadly, it's a movie about a town that is terrorized by Tommy Kirks tiny shorts - AHHHHH! Ha, scared you there for a moment didn't I? Actually, "Giants" is about smart alecky teenagers in tight clothing who eat some of Opie's goo and turn big (I know, that doesn't sound any more pleasant). It stars Beau Bridges, Tony Basil, Mickey Rooney's son (Tim), and the kid from TVs "The Rifleman" (Who learns first hand: "be careful what you wish for", He, He).

"VOTG" is a riot from beginning to end with a plethora of quips drawn from the world of arts and entertainment: The musical "Bye, Bye Birdie" -"We hate you Conrad"-, author H.P. Lovecraft -"Cthulu" and I loved the line... "Charles Bukowski's sink". At the end Servo even mixes Oz with Andy Griffith -"Surrender Aunt Bea"-

In addition to those riffs there's also; Servo spotting his Mother in the movie, the pointed slams on Kirk, a couple of funny Beatles references and a nice callback to Bert's "Amazing Colossal Man" -The ducks recite Glen Manning's famous diatribe on sin- Heck, even a cheap "burp", performed by Crow when the Sheriff pats Kirk's tummy a few times, is a gas (bad pun, I know).

All that and the host segments are some of the best, with Frank getting fired and being replaced by Torgo.

Host Segments
Intro: A hearty workout on the SOL. Segment 1: Mike makes juice and Frank gets fired. Segment 2: Torgo is hired. Segment 3: M&TB interview Frank. Segment 4: "Let Me Be Frank About Frank". End: Frank tricks Torgo and gets his job back. Stinger: None, a tribute to Frank Zappa. But if I were to chose one... "Opie takes a face full of red spray

Notable Riffs
"Oh for dumb!" - Crow
"Uh, she's tonguing the universe." - Servo
"If it rains much more they will turn into sea monkey's." - Mike
"I blinded me with science." - Crow as Opie
"Chicks love big ducks, let's face it." - Crow
"First base is a lot larger than I remember" - Mike as Johnny Crawford
"You made my shirt a bra" - Crow as Tommy
"I reject Tommy Kirk and all his works." - Crow
"Just think - now that girl looks like leather, smells like Marlboro's and Giorgio, and makes her grandchildren call her by her first name." - Mike
"Look, free breast rides and we'll waive the membership fees." - Mike as Beau Bridges
"Mom, No! She's putting out for a nickel ... I have no mother." - Servo
"Most of the town didn't have a problem with the Giant Regime." - Mike
"Oh; I didn't grow proportionately" - Mike as Pete
"Okay, sheriff, we've given your idea a lot of thought and we've decided to step on you." - Servo as Beau Bridges
"Okay, show of hands: Who wet 'em?" - Mike as the Sheriff
"So far, there's not thing one wrong with this movie" - Crow (as girls dance)
"Take me, you savage mouseketeer" - Crow as Nancy
"Tommy Kirk discussing 'goo' makes me very uncomfortable." - Servo
"I dreamed I was standing by a big dead duck in my underwear." - Servo
"What sins could a duck commit in a single lifetime?" - Crow as a Giant Duck

Riff Explained
"Back and to the left" - Crow
This comes from a scene in Oliver Stone's "JFK", when Kevin Costner (As Jim Garrison) explains his "5th shot" theory. Crow says this after Genius is sprayed in the face with red liquid.

"The guy's a lousy rebel" - "And he's never ever gonna be any good" - Giant/Mike
Refers to a line in the song "He's a Rebel". Which was a #1 hit in 1962 for "The Crystals". Who actually didn't do the song. Producer Phil Spector couldn't get the Crystals to come to L.A. from Brooklyn because they were afraid of flying. So he recorded the song -written by Gene Pitney (See show #619)- with "The Blossoms" but didn't give them credit on the record.

Stuff and Nonsense
* The Beau Brummels were NOT from England as M&TB suppose. They were actually a band from San Francisco, with one member who was born in Ireland. Those 2 songs they performed ("When it Comes to Your Love" and "Woman") are available on the bands second album "Vol. 2".

* For more cool trivia and info, check out this great site:

Available on DVD: Volume 27

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