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524 - 12 to the Moon

With short: Design For Dreaming

First Broadcast - 7 pm Saturday, Feb 5th 1994
#43 in Mighty Jack's Top 100
Excellence Level: Platinum
Movie Pain: Low - Fun and melodramatic
Riffing: Slow in spots, but generally out of this world
Skits: Hilarious

12 men & women, representing countries from around the world, are sent to explore the moon. They discover that its surface is hot and acidic and that the inhabitants -Who speak a language only the Chinese can read- don't care for us Earthlings. The moonies steal our cats and freeze America, but our selflessness and courage impresses them - and despite the French, everyone lives happily ever after.

Folks who started off watching MST during the Sci-Fi era, will notice a familiar smell when they view this one. First: Those "tough guy" names heard during "Space Mutiny" were first tested here; as our Captain is rechristened... Bronc Drywall, Chuck Hardflab, Stump Hugelarge, Chunk Pylon, among others. They'll also notice similarities to "Phantom Planet". Same producer, same meteor shower, same uniforms, same Francis X Bushman, Anthony Dexter and Richard Weber (you know, the "Brightest and the Best" guy).

And like those, "12 to the Moon" receives some first rate riffing: My favorite scene was when the astronauts activate their invisible face plates. After a chorus of jeers from M&TB, Crow adds... "Now I'm activating my wings and I'll fly" And as a cat lover, I got a big kick out of the quips involving the 2 feline passengers.

The short isn't their best, but it has its moments. It features a masked man and a dancing lady gadding about at an auto show and it provided the inspiration for a series of entertaining host segments. With Bridget Jones visiting as Nuveena, woman of the future.

Host Segments
Intro: Mike attends Gypsy's tea party. Segment 1: Frank roasts Forrester and it's Tennis time aboard the SOL. Segment 2: Nuveena, woman of the future visits and sings. Segment 3: The gangs all packed to leave but the bots are concerned about Nuveena. Segment 4: Nuveena uses the bots like appliances so Mike asks her to leave. End: Letters and Nuveena pops into Deep 13. Stinger: German sez, "Ahhh, ridiculous"

Notable Riffs
Dreaming Riffs
"That's the nicest oxygen tent I've ever seen" - Crow
"She's a high maintenance date" - Mike
"Oh, it's a salute to Mr. B Natural" - Crow
"Unfettered avarice by Madison Avenue" - Mike
"Pregnant woman and schnauzer, optional" - Mike
"Look, dead raccoon of the future" - Mike
"This is what happens when you go to an auto show with Michael Crawford" - Servo
"I Had a near death experience like this" - Crow
"My cake is ready!" - "I call no way" - Gal/Mike

Moon Riffs
"During the entire flight" - "I'll be talking" - Narrator/Servo
"And this one turns on the bathroom fan" - Crow
"Where's your invisible thing?" - "It's in my purse" - Crow/Mike
"Walk slow and stupid, were on the Moon" - Mike
"Hey, stink up your own area" - Crow
"Whoo, exploding urinal cakes" - Crow
"Come on up professor mittens" - Servo
"I kind of feel bad about our passion for conquest" - Crow
"Woa, The Captains a log short of a cord" - Mike
"Downtown St. Paul after 4" - Mike
"Hey, hey guys it's me, Puffball, and Taffy!" - Servo as Cats
"Scrappy, you should have gone before we left" - Mike
"That's their early warning system. A cocker spaniel?" - Mike
"My work here is done. Now you can all just look at my clearly defined area" - Mike
"That's foreign for, better you than me" - Crow
"Captain, we're being fertilised" - Crow
"Hey give Heinrich the Heimlich" - Crow
"I have named it!" - "It's called Me-ite" - Old Guy/Servo
"I call it ME Juice!" - Crow

Riffs Explained: Sports Style! 
"I'd rather be knitting" - Mike
A character in the movie resembles Rosey Grier. Rosey was a massive defensemen for the Giants and was a member of the LA Rams famed "Fearsome Foursome" (which included "Mitchell's" very own Merlin Olson). Grier's hobby was needlepoint.

"Vince Coleman's here, look out!" - Crow
Said during an explosion: In July 24, 1993. NY Mets outfielder Vince Coleman, tossed an M-80 firecracker from a car while at Dodger Stadium. The explosion injured several fans.

Stuff & Nonsense 
* There was a sequel to "Design For Dreaming" which also starred Thelma "Tad" Tadlock. It was called... A Touch of Magic. For more of Thelma, click here.

* Roddy Murdock -who, as Mike observes, does look a lot like that dentist elf in "Rudolf"- was played by Robert Montgomery Jr. Robert's father was a star in Hollywood (Hitchcock's "Mr. & Mrs. Smith") while his sister, Elizabeth, made it big in TV land as Samantha in "Bewitched"

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