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601 - Girls Town

First Broadcast - 7 pm Saturday, July 16 1994
#11 in Mighty Jack's Top 100
Excellence Level: Best in Show
Movie Pain: Low - Slang talkin' troubled teens are a gas!
Riffing: I laughed so hard I wet 'em!
Skits: Chuckle-Fest at best

Holy Mother of God this was a GREAT episode. Mamie Van Doren stars as a bad girl sent to live with Nuns at Girls Town. You also get a blond Elinor Donahue, a confused looking Paul Anka and... Mel Torme as a bad guy?  Mel's got such a wimpy frog face that I broke down in hysterics every time he tried to act tough.

Enjoy this style of film or not, you can't argue with the results of the Msting. This is Mike and the Bots at their best; offering up tons of pop references as well poking fun at the movies several idiosyncrasies. The riffing runs on all cylinders and never runs outta gas.

The scenes between Anka and Serafina are amazingly funny, it isn't enough to read the jokes, you gotta hear them for yourself as the timing and delivery are so sharp.

The host segments did not reach the same heights. Though they do serve as an introduction of the 'Umbilicus'. Tom scatting was the worst - the final skit was obvious but fun.

Host Segments
Intro: The Mads have a big announcement and the SOL crew prepare a party. Crow hires "The Power Steves" to provide the music.Segment 1: Dr. F unveils "Umbilicus"! Which connects Deep 13 to the SOL via Gypsy. Segment 2: Servo scats. And scats and scats and... Segment 3: Mike institutes the honor system for candy on the SOL. Servo breaks code and gains a ton! Segment 4: M&TB's draw the woman of the future. End: The gang sends a pie down Umblilicus and Dr F. is on the receiving end. Stinger: Scary looking Ol' Lady, shouts from a window.

Notable Riffs
"Ah he's dating a kabuki dancer" - Mike
"Look, if you want to wear my dress just tell me." - Servo as Mary Lee
"Hey Chip where are you?" - "I'm down here, I've got a crick in my neck" - Freddy/Crow
"Why does it hurt when I Pea and Cue?" - Crow
"Uh, you make sun go away, you are powerful." - Mike as muscle bound guy
"She's got a Mother Superiority complex." - Mike
"Welcome to Girls Town." - "You'll have to check those at the desk." - Nun/Mike
"He's St. Jude, the patron saint of hopeless causes." - "He's with the Mariners." - Nun/Servo
"So this is the pad." - "Oh heavens, we call it the crib." - Silver/Crow as Serafina
"She is to be hung by her bongle until bingled." - Servo
"It's okay, Paul doesn't want me to work outside the home anymore." - Crow as Serafina
"How about some fresh sliced me?" - Crow as Bakery Driver
"I'm mental, not stupid" - Servo as Serafina
"Probation isn't a right, it's a privilege." - "Like stretch pants." - Probation Officer/Crow.
"She's dressed like Minnie Mouse, only many times HOTTER!" - Servo
"Uh oh -- Romulans." - Mike
"The church is aware of the existence of nightgowns..." "All the priests wear them." Nun/Crow
"Raunchy slob, you just described my dream girl!" - Crow
"He'd never touch you Terry, you're dirt." - Mike
"What did Chip say when you told him she was gone?" - "He said don't push me off a cliff." - Detective/Mike
"Just follow his trail of skat." - Mike
"Uh, that statue doesn't work anymore." - Mike as Vetta

Riffs Explained
A Japanese cartoon from the 60's about a boy and his giant remote controlled robot. Mike sings the theme song when ever Mamie shimmies up the stairs.

"Over there, it's Major Barbara" - Mike.
The lady Mike points out while saying this; is dressed like the title character in George Bernard Shaw's comedic play about a major in the Salvation Army.

"Careful, Greg Morris is in there" - Servo.
Spoken when Silver blows smoke into vent. This refers to the opening of the show "Mission: Impossible", where actor Greg Morris is seen crawling through a vent.

Stuff and Nonsense
* Nutty Serafina was played by Gigi Perreau who has quite a long resume in film and TV. Her first role was as the baby Eve in "Madame Curie".

* String bean Flo, was performed by Peggy Moffitt, who went on to become a top model in the 60's.

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