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604 - Zombie Nightmare

First Broadcast - 10 pm Thursday - Nov 24th 1994
* This was actually the 15th episode shown in Season 6. It was held back and used to close the Thanksgiving Day Marathon, which was hosted by Adam West
 #47 in Mighty Jack's Top 100
Excellence Level: Platinum
Movie Pain: High - Annoying punks and a guy in wet undies!
Riffing: So funny it's scary
Skits: often side splitting

This was a vanity project for heavy metal front man and former nude waiter Jon Mikl Thor. He's the zombie who seeks revenge on those who killed him (as well as taking down the guys who murdered his father earlier in the picture).

This is one of the more loathsome (and modern) movies featured on the show, and it's brilliantly scorched. Tia -in her first film role- garners a few comments, but it's Adam West's appearance that inspires the bigger laughs; as Tim Burton and his version of Batman become a well serviced riff source.

Zombies is a killer right off. The Bots as 'Secret Service' men set the mood and the voodoo skit... even tho it was obvious where they were going with the bit, never-the-less put tears in my eyes from laughing so hard. After that, Mike and his robot pals get right into the groove of the film, spilling out commentary at such a fast and funny pace that I was left breathless. Only these guys could make me chuckle during a murder, or break me up over that disgusting "underwear laced" seduction at the hot tub.

I could go on and on because there's such a full palette to work with: The Penguin voiced coroner, the half-sheep voodoo woman, the smug slimy evil teen with the Farrah Fawcet hair- The guys don't let any of it get by without a first class quip. In short, this Nightmare is one of the best

Of Note: I actually had "Girl Schools" first two albums. They are the one's who told the guys to, "Come on, lets go!"

Host Segments
Intro: Crow and Tom do their best to protect Mike. Segment 1: The Mads do that Voodoo that you do... and send some up to the SOL. Segment 2: Sevo pulls a hit and run on Crow. Segment 3: Mike and the Bots relax in a hot tub (which looks like the cheese factory in "Monster A-Go-Go"). Segment 4: Tom and Mike dress up as Batman and Robin. End: The bots write letters to Adam West, Frank turns Dr. F into a zombie. Stinger: Screaming zombie. Eh, there were better choices.

Notable Riffs
* "Larry Mondello, as the Babe" - Servo
* "Please rain so I can leave" - Crow
* "Well, chunky guys attract people, it's a known given fact" - Servo
* "Son, go, rescue her" - Servo as father to young boy.
* "A young Joe Pepitone ponders his fate" - Mike
* "Great; I join the "Big Brother" program for One day" - Servo
* "Ever since dad got murdered, things have been great" - Servo
* "Let's go to Perkins, WOOO!" - Crow
* "Woa, nice use of his area" - Mike
* "Ah great; Now they're closed" - Crow as Thor after he throws thugs out of store
* "Ah the drama of a gifted child" - Crow
* "That's an odd Nativity scene" - Mike
* "Is she half shee-e-e-e-p?" - Crow
* "It's Rasta! The kooky dread clown" - Servo
* "Hey, she's got her hair on sideways" - Crow
* "Ah so Canada has a South too" - Crow
* "God I miss my tights" - Crow
* "This isn't a very effective cemetery" - Mike
* "He's flushing his head"- Crow
* "That was easy for him, he just pretended it was Tim Burton" - Crow
* "Her names, uh Molly" - "The Hoople" - Cop/Crow
* "Sob" - You were the bestest Batman ever; Goodbye Cesar Romero" - Servo as young cop
* "He (Thor) just did everything in this film... he's just like a Michael Landon" - "Oh so you mean he's a bed wetter?" - Servo/Crow

Riff Explained
"Are these two the Tonton Macoutes?" - Servo
In Haitian folklore, Tonton Macoute was the anti-Santa, who carried bad children away in his napsack. In 1957 president Papa Doc Duvalier appropriated the name for his private death squad. The group terrorized the citizens of Haiti (which included enforcing a ban on the Boy Scouts!) up until the 80's.

Stuff and Nonsense
* The big guy who was murdered at the beginning was performed by John Fasano. Fasano's primarily a writer, his screenplays include "Darkness Falls" and "Another 48 Hours". The kid who played his son in those scenes was Jessie D'Angelo. Jessie did the storyboards for "Darkness Falls" and also does makeup (Hellboy, Underworld).

* Frank Dietz (Det. Sorell) is also a writer and artist who once worked as a Disney Animator (Mulan, Tarzan). 

* Shawn Levy played a punk (Jimbo) but in real life he graduated with honors from Yale University and today Directs light comedies (Cheaper By The Dozen, 2006's Pink Panther)

* The actress who was the Voodoo Priestess, works as a Tina Turner impersonator and singer. 

Available on DVD: Volume 15

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