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605 - Colossus and the Headhunters

First Broadcast - 7 pm Saturday, Aug 20 1994
#72 in Mighty jack's Top 100
Excellence Level: Gold
Movie Pain: Medium - It drags at times
Riffing: Wildly Funny, very steady
Skits: Wildly Funny as well

Dr. F creates the irresistible pet, "Nummy Muffin Coocol Butter". While all are held in its thrall, Clayton plans to swoop in and conquer the world unchallenged. Only it works too well, as both he and (especially) Frank are bewitched by its cuteness. Funny as all get out and those are just the host segments.

The movie is about an Italian Hercules type named "My Cheese Steak"- who kind of helps save a princess from afore mentioned Headhunters. I say "kind of", because what he mostly does is just push inanimate objects and wrap guys in headlocks, when he isn't standing around watching all the chaos ensue.

Great riffing focuses less on attacking the movie, than in showing off the fine art of "putting words" into the characters mouths. General jests directed at the cheese of it all (e.g. the "chicken dance") are also a blast.

Host Segments
Intro: Servo does Crow and Mikes taxes. Segment 1: Dr. F creates an irresistible pet. Segment 2: Frank sings a song about Nummy Muffin. Segment 3: There's pink fur all over the SOL. Segment 4: Nummy is returned to Frank. End: The bots wonder what would happen if Mike lost his head. Stinger: Old guy shot by an arrow.

Notable Riffs
"The Ringo Starr gang" - Mike
"Watch out for snakes" - Servo
"All this for a cheese steak." - Mike
"Now 'this' will anger the gods." - Servo
"They're fighting with a salad set" - Crow
"Geez, they washed up at a Klingon language camp." - Servo
"I'm on the verge of despair again!" - Servo as Ariel
"Isn't it cute the way they're making a stab at a plot?" - Mike
"And then what happened?" - Colossus/All
"Kids, No weapons on the waterbed!" - Servo
"So... apparently, the director has a girlfriend." - Mike
"Soon I will become King of the Urias." - "Who wants pancakes?" - Kermie/Mike
"The gods were supposed to help me move last weekend" - Servo as Ariel
"Well, it looks like the fish got a new Pope." - Servo
"Well, it's not a plot point... and it's not an action sequence... so what is it?" - Mike
"No one has ever touched my heart." - "Everything else, sure." - Amoa/Mike
"Colossus that's not a lock, it's part of the door." - Mike
"Wow, those sharp things really work" - Mike as Colossus
"I have nothing to offer you" - "I have a war wound, and it... doesn't work." - Colossus/Mike
"I'll be fine without my head. It's 20 lbs I always wanted to lose" - Crow as Amoa
"Colossus parts ferns with his bare hands" - Mike
"My hopes are finally being realized." - "I'm going to be on Blossom." - Kermie/Crow
"I failed my legend finals." - Crow as Colossus
"Wow, he's Mr. Perma-Grimace." - Crow on Ariel
"Hey! Have you guy's seen our pants?" - Servo

Riff Explained
"He's like Art Garfunkel walking around the world" - Mike
One of singer Art Garfunkel's hobbies is taking long walks. He's walked across Japan and in the 80's, over the course of several years, he trekked across America

"Do you know? Do you know who did it?" - Crow as Kermie

This comes from the 1975-76 mystery series, Ellery Queen. At the start of an episode, the narrator would challenge... "Match wits with Ellery Queen and see if you can guess Whodunnit!" and the show would end with Ellery (played by Jim Hutton) asking the audience if they had unraveled the mystery.

Stuff & Nonsense
Actor Kirk Morris, while pretty, wasn't as physically imposing as say a Reg Park (Herc a/t Captive Women), so they surrounded him with lots of scrawny people in this movie.

Ever wonder what the "Ringo Starr Gang" was doing gadding about in the film? The opening sequence was nicked from the end of "Fire Monster Against the Son of Hercules". What we are seeing are the evil cavemen from "Herc", running from an erupting volcano.

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