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609 - Skydivers

With Short : Why Study Industrial Arts?

First Broadcast - 7 pm Saturday,  Aug 27 1994
#68 in Mighty Jack's Top 100
Excellence Level: Gold
Movie Pain: High - Coleman at his best, is still the worst!
Riffing: Wildly funny!
Skits: Induced mostly smiles

A film about, well Skydiving, and the kooky kind of people it attracts. Some funny Msting: Love that emotional "Dinner time letter reading" scene. Mikes comment, "Gee, they should set a place for Eraserhead",  is right on the mark - But oh what a painfully wretched pile of nonsense. Even with the best brainers to hold your hand, a Coleman Francis film is an excruciating experience to get through.

The skits didn't impress me much, Crow heckling Servo's planetarium show gave me some laughs but the swing choir contest was kind of dumb, though I got a laugh out of Frank doing lines from "The Grapes of Wrath".  (Of Note: Just as we got to see the Crows black theater bot (Timmy) in "Fire Maidens"; Tom's theater counterpart is used here in the planetarium skit). 

As good as the movie is my favorite part of the experiment is the "Industrial Arts" short - which highlights the erotic world of shop class. It's a TON of fun, one of my top 5 favorites.

Host Segments
Intro: Servo's a planetarium. Segment 1: A swing choir competition. Segment 2: A little industrial arts on the Satellite. Segment 3: Crow gets stuck in his underwear. Segment 4: Crow's car meets Tom's plane. End: The bots are tangled in parachutes. Clay plays dodge ball with Frank. Stinger: "I feel real free up there, in the high blue sky.

Stuff and Nonsense
Jimmy Bryant (The guy playing guitar in this movie) with partner Speedy West, were one of the greatest country guitar duo's of the 1950's. Jimmy played his Fender telecaster (a guitar he made famous) with lightning speed and a dash of Jazz-inspired improvisation and is the one shining beacon in a film void of talent.

Sadly, Bryant's star fell in the 60's as his drinking made him difficult to work with. He and West parted ways and by the 1970's the career was done. Jimmy died from cancer in 1981. For pop music fans it is interesting to note that Bryant played bass and fiddle on the "Monkees" debut album.

Notable Riffs
Industrial Riffs
* "You know it's fun to have an Idea." "There wasn't that fun" - Shop class kid/Mike
* I like the smell fresh wood chips and sawdust" "I put them in my underwear." - Shop class kid/Servo
"Because they laugh when you tell them things like that" - "Then they pants you and drag you around the track." - Kid/Crow
"Could you staple my ears back" - Servo
"I can't get this thing back in my pants, Earl." - Crow

Skydiving Riffs
"A stranger comes to town, touches nobodies life, then leaves." - Crow
"What Happened." "I saw my hair in the mirror and I panicked" - Harry/Crow as Beth
* "From here she looks like an ant that gets prettier every day." - Mike
"Someone with attention deficit disorder edited this film." - Crow
"Even the soundtrack is making coffee!" - Servo
* "Frolicking has never been so depressing." - Crow
* "Heck of a lot of glancing going on here." - Servo
* "He's like an idiot savant, minus the savant." - Crow
* "I feel like a cheeseburger. Would you go make love to the guy at the Jack-in-the-Box?" - Mike as Frankie
"I predict that in the climactic finale, she jumps without a chute, and then her "hair" opens up." - Mike
* "They're going to invoke the spirit of the continuity man." - Crow
* "Ever since he went to the barter system, things have been great!" – Servo
* "Excuse me we’re filming a James Bond movie. Could you move please?" – Crow
* "Finally… Coffee!" – Crow

Riff Explained
"Hey, Orville Moody" - Servo
About 35 minutes into the Rhino video, a character quickly darts across the screen and Tom makes this comment. For those not into the sport, Moody is a pro golfer who first played in the majors in the mid 1960's. He won the U.S. Open in 1969 by one stroke.

Available on DVD: Collection Volume 1

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