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611 - Last of the Wild Horses

First Broadcast - 7 pm Saturday - Oct 15th 1994
#96 in Mighty Jack's Top 100
Excellence Level: Silver
Movie Pain: Low - Reminiscent of those old western serials
Riffing: Solid, good humor
Skits: Hilarious

A war between ranchers pits the Duke (not John Wayne) against the Double C men (a name which makes Servo laugh with delight). Featuring comic relief from a character named "Remedy" and a tomboy played by Mary Beth Hughes of "I Accuse My Parents" fame.

The riffing on the movie's not bad. Crow sings a song about "Johnny Pooper" and a miffed Mike notices that, "This movie has more scenes of people picking at themselves". But the real reason for watching "Wild Horses" are the superb host segments which spoof the Star Trek episode "Mirror, Mirror".
Mike dons a goatee and joins the bots in Deep 13 - while TVs Frank and Doctor Forrester are sugary hosts aboard the SOL. My favorite skits involve Frank singing "Joey the Lemur" (which pushes Gypsy over the edge) and watching Dr. F's joy upon discovering that someone has left him an "Agony Booth". The Mads even get to spin some riffs in the theater for a while. I actually found Frank to be very good at it too, as he delivered some of the funniest lines in the show. Tons O' Fun

Host Segments
Intro: The bots converse in regional speech patterns. Segment 1: The Mads send a matter transference device to the SOL, which mixes everything up. Mike is now very EVIL. Segment 2: Dr. F and Frank sing "Joey the Lemur". Segment 3: The evil Gypsy puts the moves on Tom. Segment 4: In one universe Mike & Crow try to figure out how to set the world right again, on another Gypsy and Tom find the solution. End: Alternate Frank & Forrester make a hexfield visit and annoy one and all. In Deep 13 the Mads enjoy their Agony Booth. Stinger: Guy in the wheel chair.

Notable Riffs
* "You lost the last of the wild horses you dink!" - Frank
* "It's the Bazooka Joe guy" - Dr. F 
* "Way to go Ted, now we have to talk to him again" - Frank
* "Ha, Ha, Hey you've got webbed toes" - Frank
* "My horse threw a shoe" - "Made a ringer" - Duke/Frank
* "Eww, look at all the poo!" - Frank
* "Tourette's of the old west" - Dr. F
* "Ah, my trick nipple" - Dr. F
* "Remedies other nickname is, OWW!" - Mike
* "Now my mouth tastes like your foot" - Mike
* "It's a talking wheel chair" - Crow 
* "What kind of horse was this man riding Mr. Cooper?" - "It was just a head and a stick. It was weird" - Sheriff/Dr. F
* "Uh, I don't think you're suppose to burn your own barn, Ted" - Mike
* "Howdy Hitler" - Servo
* "Quite a girl you got there" - Well here, take her for a drive" - Duke/Servo
* "I brought you some swaddling clothes" - Mike as Remedy "You know, it's funny" - "BWA-HA-HA... what?" - Jane/Crow
* "Don't use your wheel chair as a crutch" - Mike
* "Oh life is so hard when you're stupid" - Mike

Riff Explained
"It's a town of Carry Nations" - Mike
Carry Nation (1846-1911) was a hatchet wielding alcohol prohibitionist. An imposing figure at 6 feet, 180 lbs; Nation used her axe to smash up gin joints throughout Kansas

Stuff and Nonsense
Before he was a member of the Monkees, an 11 year old Mickey Dolenz starred as Corky in the TV series "Circus Boy" (1956-58). And one of his co-stars was Olin Howland (Swifty) who played the part of Remedy in this flick.

Available on DVD: Volume 23

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