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613 - The Sinister Urge

With Short: Keeping Clean and Neat

First Broadcast - 7 pm Saturday, Nov 5th 1994
#45 in Mighty Jack's Top 100
Excellence Level: Platinum
Movie Pain: High - Slow moving with disagreeable characters
Riffing: Hilarious
Skits: Induced mostly smiles

This weeks experiment brings us clean bodies and filthy souls: Our final foray into the mind of Ed Wood. This time Ed regales us with tales of the smut picture industry and murder. Harvey Dunn is there for the ride, as is a cop named Kline!

Static, dull, the film is rescued only through the efforts of Mike, Crow & Servo and they're in a silly mood for this episode: The "pun" and other wordplay's are their favored humor weapon, along with mocking the nicotine scarred voice of Gloria. Good job - and they do even better with the short, which is about a bunch of kids who devote their lives to keeping themselves dust and germ free.
Unfortunately, the host segments don't work as well. Frank as a mad bomber wasn't my cup of tea and was the only sightly sour note in an otherwise excellent episode. Saying that, Trace's performance, especially his body language and expressions during the 4th segment, was a hoot.

Host Segments
Intro: The gang throw a shower for Gypsy. Everyone gives her pinking shears. Segment 1: Frank is missing, Dr. F finds ticket stubs to violent movies. Segment 2: Frank calls the SOL, he has Dr. F tied up. Segment 3: Crow brings in Huggy Bear to help save Forrester. Segment 4: Mike devises a plan which includes Potato Cakes. End: The plan works and Dr. F deep fries Frank. Stinger: Gloria can't believe that's Dirk.

Notable Riffs
Clean Riffs
"...They'll sniff everyone" - Crow
"But you'll never be able to scrub away the stain on your soul." - Servo
"Your teeth..." - "Comb them too" - Narrator/Crow
"Uh-Oh, that's not way to treat your clothes." - "But that's how they treat me." - Narrator/Mike
"Never go to bed with wet hair." - "Or a first date." - Narrator/Crow
"Don't go tramping yourself up like that." - Servo as the Narrator
"Lets get clean together." - Crow as girl

Sinister Riffs
"He's the kindly old pornographer." - Mike
"Gigantress!" - All
"Its the hottest Petticoat Junction ever." - Servo
"This is a stretch for him because he usually plays elves" - Mike
"Ah, Ed Wood agonized over this scene." - "And now we are." - Servo/Crow
"Smut," - "That's what I want!" - Inspector/Servo
"Do you have a daughter Mr. Romaine?" - "Would she be interested in the smut picture racket?" - Carson/Crow
"It's not locked" - "And neither am I!" - Gloria/Mike
"What makes you say that?" - "My mouth." - Gloria/Crow
"Those are probably smutty Hubble's up on the wall." - Mike
"Bob Dylan to save the day." - Servo
"Wow, there is one huge hood ornament." - Mike
"Oh Randy..." - "You're a fine girl." - Carson/Servo
"The soft serve murders" - Servo
"You'll meet her here in my office at 10, Wednesday" - "Lets just wait" - Mr. Ride/Mike
"Stand perfectly still, this is a movie." - Crow
"We got a duck making a statement in the next room." - Crow as Carson
* "We'll put a sweater and skirt on a policeman" - "Oh like at your house." - Carson/Mike
"We're screamin' maaaad at Dirk!" - Crow

Riff Explained
"Richard Diamond, Operator" - Servo
This riff refers to an old time radio and television show of the 50's -"Richard Diamond: Private Eye"- Of note: Mary Tyler Moore played the role of Sam (his answering service) for part of season 3 in 1959. The gimmick being that they only showed her legs on camera. Moore was fired and replaced after revealing that she was Sam's, uh, legs in a TV Guide article.

Stuff & Nonsense
* Ed Wood had planned to make a sequel of this movie and was going to call it "The Peeper"

* The role of Dirk went to 18 year old Dino Fantini, who'd never done any film work. Ed spotted him during a visit to an acting school on Sunset Boulevard

* Of interest: Ed was close friends with Anthony Cardoza (Skydivers) and once saved him from drowning

Available on DVD: Collection Volume 9

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