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615 - Kitten With A Whip

First Broadcast - 8 pm Wednesday, Nov 23rd 1994
* Kitten made its debut as the opening episode for the 1994 Turkey Day Marathon
Excellence Level: Bronze
Movie Pain: Medium - One of the better made MSTed movies
Riffing: Chuckle-Fest
Skits: Hit & Miss, Induced mostly smiles

Runaway Jody (Doll?), sneaks into the home of bland stupid 'would be Senator' David (played by John Forsythe) and decides to stick around. A bad girl teenager shacked up with a politician?? Talk about a career killer!

Her friends soon join her: A pseudo intellectual who insists that he feels no pain, even when he's "Dying in a rush", a punk who causes much pain due to a lack of straight razor etiquette, and a wannabe with a car who quickly ditches the rest. Inevitably, this onslaught of teen spirit leads David to a far off land (Tijuana), where our aspiring Senator impresses a couple of voters by taking them to a strip club. After thrilling us with a tepid car chase, the movie ends with David in the clear and Jody redeemed...

This experiment is real variable, it starts off as funny as the best of them (the scene with Ann Margaret sleeping with nervous stuffed animal is classic, and a nosey visitor who notices everything, including -according to Mike- some DNA, is a hoot). Kitten then tails off dramatically, bouncing back and forth between pockets of big laughs and the smattering of jokes that provide mostly smiles and chuckles. The skits also run hot and cold: Crow sliding through Umbilicus is cute but Murphy as a cat flounders, despite its potential.

I've always enjoyed the troubled teen flicks - The slang, odd casting and heavy moral tones make prime riff targets. And while it isn't as brilliant as shows #507 or #601, this Kitten is pretty entertaining.

Host Segments
Intro: Crow gets ready to invade Deep 13. Segment 1: Crow slides down the Umbilicus and runs into Dr Forrester. Segment 2: The Bionic Bots. Segment 3: Kitten W. Whip visits the SOL. Segment 4: Satellite hazing. End: A Dr. F piƱata takes a licking. As will Frank. Stinger: Kitten has claws!

Notable Riffs
"I am a fugitive from a slumber party" - Servo
"Russ Meyer's Goldilocks" - Servo
"This is going to be much better than pancakes" - Mike
"oh no, she's marking the couch." - Mike
"There isn't a shower cold enough for this man." - Crow
"...steering wheels about to snap in his hand!" - Mike
"You turned off Doodles Weaver" - Mike as David
"Hello Ginny..." - "It's my Gin distributor" - David/Crow
"Remain bland, must remain bland." - Mike as David
"Get the man a wet towel..." "And snap his hinder with it." - Ron/Mike
"Do cats use telescopes?" - Mike as Midge
"We must pray to Vol." - Mike as Buck
"Watch it, she knees groins" - Mike
"Wow, Amy Grant has really crossed over" - Crow (during strip show)

Riffs Explained
"I think I hear a giant sucking sound" - Servo
Said as car approaches the border. Tom is quoting Ross Perot. During the 1992 Presidential campaign, Ross said that if NAFTA was passed by Congress that we would all hear a giant sucking sound as jobs left the United States and moved to Latin America and overseas.

Stuff & Nonsense
Director Donald Heyes was also a painter, sculptor, novelist and was extensively involved in television (he directed episodes of the "Twilight Zone" and a host of other shows).

Available on DVD: Volume 25

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