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616 - Racket Girls

With Short: Are You Ready For Marriage?

First Broadcast - 7 pm Saturday, Nov 26th 1994
Excellence Level: Bronze
Movie Pain: High - It moves like a glacier
Riffing: Great short but movie induced mostly smiles
Skits: Hilarious at first, then slows down

The first 20 minutes of this show was the funniest thing I've ever seen, I laughed so hard my gut hurt! Great host segments (A visit from Lisa Loeb, the SOL crew play a trick on Dr. F) sandwich an incredible short. "Are You Ready For Marriage?" would make a nice bookend with "Is This Love" and involves dolls and rubber bands. If only the other 70 minutes had lived up to this brilliant start.
Racket Girls opens with 10 minutes of women wrestling (backed by the sound of people on a roller-coaster). Next, we are introduced to Peaches, a blond wrestler who we see in various states of undress. The director focuses on shots of Peaches running, jumping and gadding about. Then, in a fit of psychosis the movie shifts to a story about mobsters!
It's all very stupid and boring and it kills off the riff count a bit. The skits flounder as well, as Crow & Tom's marriage is good for a chuckle but little else.
Still, with that frenzied half hour, and some great wisecracks during the big championship match at the end, this episode manages to salvage a decent grade.

Host Segments
Intro: Lisa Loeb stops by and wont stop singing. Segment 1: A strange family just wanders into Deep 13. M&TB pretend they can't hear Dr. Forrester. Segment 2: Crow and Servo take a marriage test. Segment 3: Crow has a bachelor party, Jan in the pan stops by. Segment 4: The wedding becomes a wrestling match. End: Letters and Lisa Loeb is now at Deep 13. Stinger: Hot rubber band action!

Notable Riffs
Marriage Riffs
* Are You Ready For Marriage? - "Uhm... Yeah, I'm sick of sex anyway" - Title card/Mike
* "You Saw My Boing!" - Mike
* "I like stuff too." - Mike
* "Welcome to, as far as your going to get" - Mike
* "I got kicked out of L7" - Mike
* "It's gone!" Where did it go!" "We're going to die!" - Girl, Boy and Crow reacting to a rubber band 
* "Is that like transformers?" - Crow
* "Yes dad, it is a doggie." - Mike
* "But never make light of boing, son." - Crow

Racket Riffs
* "It's always hard to break up with your grandma." - Mike
* "I believe this is "Not" gratuitous." - Servo
* "Where's Benny Hill when you need him." - Mike
* "I sure hope she's not on the fault line, wow!" - Crow on Peaches
* "I saw this match on Lifetime." - Mike
* "I'm getting a really good workout." - "So is Joe." - Servo as Peaches/Crow
* "I'd rather see Bob Hoskins in that sweater." - Mike
* "I'm sorry boss..." - "I killed that horse again." - Joe/Mike
* "How many of Gods laws does this violate." - Crow
* "What is it boss?" - "A coupon for a happy meal." - Joe/Mike
* "No Lupito." - Mike 
* "I hated it when my mom dressed up like that to do yard work" - Mike
* "Well when you wrestle Clara Mortenson, you're gonna get whisker burns." - Crow
* "Oh! That'll induce labor" - Crow
* "My loins will never stir again" - Crow
* "I don't think I like the new star search category." - Servo

Riff Explained
"Mary McCarthy and Lillian Hellman have it out!" - Mike
Two literary giants, playwright Hellman (The Children's Hour) and novelist McCarthy (The Group), were also bitter rivals. For reasons that are not all that clear. Tho Politics, men and writings styles seem to be a part of the mix. Hellman even sued McCarthy, over a few disparaging comments she made about Lillian during an interview with Dick Cavett.

Stuff & Nonsense
Rita Martinez could speak perfectly good English and was forced by the director to act with that thick accent.

Available on DVD: Volume 15

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