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623 - Amazing Transparent Man

With Short: The Days of Our Years

First Broadcast - 7 pm Saturday, March 18th 1995
Excellence Level: Silver
Movie Pain: Medium - A quirky downer
Riffing: Awesome short, good solid work on the movie
Skits: Solid, good humor

The highlight of this episode is the amazingly humorous short: "The Days of Our Years"  follows a reverend as he gives us a tour of his town. A town filled with careless, sad, maimed and bitter people. I especially liked the guy who got an eye full of acetylene.
The main feature tells the story of a General who wishes to create an army of invisible men. He breaks a bank robber out of jail (Faust, AKA; Donald Nixon) and uses him as his own personal thief.
The riffing is at times hilarious and at others, only fair. Those moments where Faust pulls off his heists' garners many laughs, as do scenes with an invisible guinea pig. In addition to that, Mike sings a bit of Elvis Costello's "No Action" -"I'm not a telephone junkie"-  and the movie allows us to look through some cool binoculars which can change scenes like a view-master!
The host segments are cute n' strange and mostly unrelated to anything in the experiment. Auntie McFrank was a wacky creature to behold (poor Frank, "Squanto" pushed him over the brink it seems); and if you look closely you'll see Crow's eyes fall out of his head -It happens during the first cry of "Movie sign!"-  Good all around fun ...and remember, "Gentle Pressure".

Host Segments
Intro: Crow is Tom's science project. Segment 1: The Deep 13 Bed & Breakfast. Segment 2: Crow learns about gentle pressure. Segment 3: Frank can't wait to see Squanto. Segment 4: Mike entertains the bots. End: "What would you do?" and Auntie Frank. Stinger: An invisible guinea pig.

Notable Riffs
Day Riffs
* "So his name is Joe, Joe?" - Mike
* "Mrs. Joe Toast." - Servo as Helen
* "Du-oh, diaper the toast and butter the baby." - Servo as Helen
* "Hey, you dead yet!?" - Servo as Reverend
* "On the way to the shop he remembered something..." " He had to kiss Helen." - Reverend/Crow
* "...gentle pressure on the shoulder so as not to startle him." - "And a soft kiss on the neck - Rev/Mike
* "Ahh! You don't have to "hold" it there!" - Mike as Charlie gets it in the eye!

Transparent Riffs
* "Haley Mills in the Amazing Transparent Trap." - Crow
* "I don't know what he's doing, but it looks naughty." - Mike
* "He disappeared with an audible ping! He's going to Notions." - Crow
* "There's, a, guinea pig on my neck." - Crow as choking General
* "Be back in 10 minutes, I gotta check the other post." - "Yeah right, light a match will ya." Guard/Mike
* "Well either he's invisible or the rice is done." - Crow
* "Oh Lord." "It's Donald Nixon." - Bank Lady/Mike
* "We return now to, Paris Texas" - Mike
* "I'm still sore from the last time!" - Crow as hamster
* "I'll be right back right after this." - Mike as a disappearing Faust
* "It were pretty how my wife turned all purple" - Servo. Said after the radioactive explosion.

Riff Explained
"Must, escape, from Barbara Woodhouse." - Mike
Said as Faust runs from Dogs after escaping from prison. Bossy, terrifying, 70 year old Barbara Woodhouse was the host of the BBC program, "Training Dogs The Woodhouse Way", which aired in the early 80's.

Many riffs reference Donald Nixon. He was the Nephew of President Richard Nixon. The Donald always seemed involved in some kind of shady dealings.

Stuff & Nonsense
* The General (Who hits and screams like a girl) was also seen in "Manhunt in Space". He played the radio man who betrayed the good guys.

* Director Edgar Ulmer was the man behind the classic Lugosi/Karloff film, "the Black Cat".

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