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807 - Terror From the Year 5000

First Broadcast - 4 pm Saturday, March 15th 1997
#48 in Mighty Jack's Top 100
Excellence Level: Platinum
Movie Pain: Medium - The characters are its saving grace
Riffing: Hilarious
Skits: Fair

A scientist uses his time machine to trade trinkets with beings from the future. His over zealous assistant finds this to be a bogus venture, so he teleports in a sparkly "Terror" behind the doctor's back.

This episode was a blast. Mike and the bots create a lot of fun out of making fun of all the colorful characters. I really enjoyed the opening bits with our hero -the sharp haired Sgt. Carter look a like- and his dim bulb secretary with her "restrained rage" issues. The riffing that accompanied those two had me rolling in the aisles (well they would have if I had aisles in my living room). But the rest of the episode is a hoot as well (what with that perverted 'Jimmy Carter' handyman to toy with)
Okay - So the host segments are fair (The Brain Guys' "Non-Food Pills" skit, is clever rather than funny. Crow going into Mikes past brought out the most laughter from me "Ginger SsssNap!")  -Never the less- once the gangs butts are seated in the theater, they shine. With humor that's both irreverent -"She shouldn't have played hockey"-  they offer after seeing the orthodontically challenged Terror. As well as intelligent -"June 5th, I was early"- Terror is one of the funniest from the Sci-Fi era.

Host Segments
Intro: Tom "comfort rates" everything in sight. Segment 1: The Observers force Pearl and Bobo into fighting one another. Segment 2: The Observers show off their food pills. Which Mike cooks up into patties. Segment 3: Crow goes back in time and dates one of Mike's old girlfriends. Segment 4: The Observers croon, "When I Held Your Brain in my Arms". End: Crow has a date with the terror (played by Beez). Stinger: Observers - but if I chose one from the film... Dr. Hedges does a happy lil' hop after getting cozy with Claire.

Notable Riffs
* "Brought to you by the Onan Family Foundation" - Crow
* "A woman in here? Hide the comic books!" - Servo as Prof Earling
* "Why must you spew your rage" - Mike on the mousy Miss Blake
* "Ever since I studied with Prof. Earling I've been a little afraid of him" - "He's a 50 ft cyclops" - Bob/Crow
* "Do you have cartoon music playing in your head too?" - Mike as Miss Blake
* "I'd better have my hair sharpened while I'm out" Crow as Bob
* "oh, you're taking his side?" - "Well I am sitting on his hand" - Victor/Servo as Claire
* "They whacked Toonces" - Mike
* "It's a Necco Waffer from the year 5000!" - Crow
* "I love a man that smells like Vince Lombardi" - Servo as Claire
* "He died as he lived. White, moist and bloated" - Servo
* "Filmed in black and... slightly less black" - Crow
* "It's the Terror with 5000 yards rushing" - Mike
* "Jimmy Cater has disco fever" - Mike
* "Lets get this right: A woman from the future comes back and slaps people" - Servo
* "Gary Numan, scientist" - Crow
* "Great physical comedy from Bob" – "There’s Buster Keaton, and there's Bob" – Mike/Crow

Riff Explained
"Heee" - "He was a small oily man" - Tom & Mike
The guys are singing a version of the Beatles song, "She's Leaving Home", a track that can be heard on the Sgt. Peppers LP.

Fun callback
The gang gives their own spin to a classic quip from "Cave Dwellers", in which Joel says of Ator - "Hey it's speedy delivery guy and does he have a package!" Here, a bot notes, "It's the UPS man", and Mike adds "And he doesn’t have a package" (after which Servo admonishes with a stern, "Mike!")

Stuff and Nonsense
The Star Trek Connection
Salome Jens (The Visitor/Nurse) would later play a shape shifter in "Deep Space Nine". While Ward Costello (Dr. Bob Hedges) appeared on the Next Generation as Admiral Quinn.

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