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819 - Invasion of the Neptune Men

First Broadcast - 5 pm Saturday, Oct 11th 1997
#79 in Mighty Jack's Top 100
Excellence Level: Gold
Movie Pain: High - Ponderous, especially at the finish
Riffing: Top drawer at the start, slows a bit at the end.
Skits: Cute and fun material, nicely performed.

Do you love watching kids in shorts with badly dubbed voices, run and run and run and then run again? How about if those same kids started barking orders to the adults in the film? Does stock footage of the Hitler building float your boat? Are you the type of person who says to themselves, "I sure wish this movie had scenes with aliens who disguise themselves by wearing lipstick!" Are you able to withstand long monotonous air battles (which so frustrate Mike and Crow that they just... wander out of the theater)? If the answer to all of these questions sit in the lap of the affirmative. 'AND' you have a deep desire to laugh uncontrollably; then this "Prince of Space" like flick is guaranteed to make you spew milk through your nose, provided you are drinking milk while watching... if milk spews through your nose otherwise, seek medical attention immediately! Uh, err, anyway... this ep also includes some great host segments...

Crow: "Mike, will you tell me the name of your favorite Japanese theater?"
Mike: "Noh."
Crow: "Why not?!"

Host Segments
Intro: The Bots are sickened by Mike's eyelash mites. And in Roman times, Bobo receives a statue in his likeness. Segment 1: The Nanite war against Mike's mites goes badly. Segment 2: The Bots put on some Kabuki theater. Segment 3: A visit from Krankor. Segment 4: Servo has a panty complex. Pearl and Brain Guy try to convince Bobo that he's not the Mad Goth. End: Crow's suggestion box, Bobo gets his memory back. Stinger: Kid in shorts screeches and then falls down.

Servo: "They took out the Hitler Building! Where's everybody gonna go to see Hitler memorabilia?"
Crow: "All the Hitler rides and games! The Hitler salt and pepper shakers..."
Mike: "That great restaurant, The Bunker, it's gone, you sons of a...!"

Notable Riffs
"He must be the Piggy of the group." -Mike.
"Incoming Crispix!" - Servo
"I think they're trying to pass a rain shower as an action sequence." - Servo
"It's a prefab Lutheran church." - Servo
"Oh, that guy just fell down, for crying out loud." - Servo
"Ooh, Grandpa tried to program the VCR." - Servo
"Space Chief is off having a couple of saporos with Jet Jaguar and Prince of Space." - Servo
"The clock's running backwards!" - "That means lunch won't be till yesterday." -Reporter/Tom Servo
"Oh, the saw grass! Why did I wear my little shorts?" - Mike
"So the aliens come and strangle little kids. Thank you, Japan" - Servo
"They're being defeated by a wispy bachelor." - Crow
"How about Ineffectual Chicken-headed Bachelor?" - Crow
"Apparently the kids have level five security clearance." - Mike
"Yaay! A dot is moving away from a semi-circle!" - Mike
"But we're Japanese children! We can go anywhere we want at any time!" - Mike
"It's a nauseating shorts detector." - Mike
"It's smaller than us; we can torment it." - Servo
"The Department of Children is staffed 'round the clock." -Mike
"Thank you, muffiny-haired bachelor."
"Due to the Apocalypse, cram school will be delayed by 45 minutes this morning."
"Brought to you by the League of Psychotic Children. Surround yourself with annoying, shrill-voiced children." Mike

Riff Explained
There's an explosion with clouds of smoke and Crow says... "The Mosquito spraying program is off to a great start!" and Mike adds... "I suppose Rachel Carson's gonna bitch about this now!"
Biologist and author, Rachel Carson (1907-64) is considered the Mother of modern environmentalism. Her book, "The Silent Spring" moved President Kennedy to call for testing on the effects of DDT and other chemicals.

"And then she bought a stainless steel brassiere from this man!" - Mike
This riff is inspired by a skit done on Johnny Carson's "Tonight Show". In the bit, a camera would zoom in on audience members as Johnny told wild stories about them.

Stuff and Nonsense
Sonny Chiba might look like an "ineffectual chicken headed bachelor" in this movie. But he's actually a first degree black belt in Karate (2nd degree in Judo) with a long career of playing 'tough as nails' characters. His most recent role was as the sword maker in Quentin Taratino's "Kill Bill". He also acted as the films advisor in Samurai sword technique.

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