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820 - Space Mutiny

First Broadcast - 5 pm Saturday, Nov 8th 1997
#49 in Mighty Jack's Top 100
Excellence Level: Platinum
Movie Pain: Low - This flicks a riot
Riffing: Hilarious
Skits: Fair, with a smattering of guffaws

Bolt Vanderhuge!  This cheapo space opera stars Cameron Mitchell as Santa, captain of the Battlestar Ga... I mean, "Southern Star". Thick McRunfast!  The movie is pretty funny all on its own; what with the scenery chewing Kalgan, the slow 'floor buffer' vehicles used in the (not very) exciting chase sequences; a dead girl who somehow shows up alive on the bridge and enough railing deaths to stock 3 flicks. Crunch Buttsteak!  A huge fan favorite; the riffing on Mutiny gets stronger as experiment goes on and the gang has loads of fun finding new names for our screaming beefy hero, Punch Rockgroin!

The sketches offer a few fun moments. Such as The Bots belittling Mike and his ancient encyclopedias (Stonehenge was under construction when they were written). Servo's muscle mass and making a mockery of the movie (Mike falls several times over a few poorly placed rails) were both cute. On the weaker end of the scale - Thankfully this is the final stop at "Roman Times". These segments were pretty tired by the time we reach this episode and I'm happy to see them end.

Host Segments
Intro: Mike has some old encyclopedias. Segment 1: Mike now has new encyclopedias. Pearl, Bobo and a brainless Observer are in prison. Segment 2: The bots disturb Mike's tea time. Segment 3: Crow's a Bellerian and Bobo botches an escape (but gets a banana). Segment 4: Servo installs some safety railings, much to Mike's dismay. End: Tom is buff and so is Crow... kind of. Pearl and the gang escape using Mike as a distraction. Rome burns. Stinger: Our beefy hero screams just for the fun of it.

Notable Riffs
"A severely retarded jellyfish could make a better movie than this." - Servo
* "Calgon, blow me away." - Servo
* "Get a bunch of women together and it's always witchery or a wedding shower." - Crow
"I have my doubts that this movie really stars anyone." - Servo
* "I think it's very nice of you to give that dead woman another chance." - Crow as 'Sting'
"Take away all the muscle mass on this Rider guy and it's pretty much you, Mike." - Crow
"You know, they shouldn't have set their phasers to miss." - Mike
* "I have a whole colony of people living in my beard." - Crow
* "Don't touch my chin tuck, it's new." - ??
* "Why is he so impossible to hit? Why do they keep missing a slow, giant, white thing?" - Servo
"That scene really made me stop and think... about how much better a root canal would be than this movie!" - ??
"It seems that randomly blowing up things is not a good strategy in a spaceship." - ??
* "And our brave hero roasts the disabled man." - Mike
"Passed from editor to editor in a desperate attempt to save it!" - Mike
* "She dusted herself with Super Weight Gain Powder to attract him." - Crow
"Fetch me my warrior muumuu." - Crow as Admiral Janson
* "Special effects by Industrial Light and Morons." - Mike
* "The boiler room has a receptionist?" - Mike
"You know, a lot of people have compared this scene to the climactic chariot scene in Ben Hur... Yeah, you know, they usually say, 'Ben Hur was really good; this movie totally sucks." - Mike
* "You know, if we pretend we know what's going on this is actually kind of exciting." - Crow
* "You know, the professor taught me everything I know" - "It took him twenty seconds." - Leia Jansen/Mike

Crow - "Slate Fistcrunch."
Mike - "Buff Hardback."
Servo - "Bob Johnson...oh, wait"

Riff Explained
Whenever the guy with the spiky blond hair is on screen, M&TB's often throw out an "Oi!" or a "Too Right!". This riff refers to Australian rules football player Mark Jackson, AKA "Jacko". Before the "Bunny" it was Jacko hawking Energizer batteries. The spots had him stomping around, rapping, "What's the longest lasting batt'ry in the world?" and finishing the bit with a resounding, "Oi!" - Jacko apparently freaked people out and the adds quickly disappeared, but I found them wonderfully bizarre.

Stuff and Nonsense
* Punch Rockgroin was played by Reb Brown. In college, Reb was set to start at RB for USC in his sophomore year, when a San Francisco City College transfer named O.J. Simpson, joined the team (D-Oh!) Reb (Real name Bob) married his Mutiny co-star, Cissie Cameron, and last I heard was back in pictures...http://www.orgsites.com/ca/lectorspage/_pgg8.php3

* MITCHELL! Cameron's daughter Camille Mitchell (Sheriff Adams in Smallville) provided the voice for Jannera, while his son Chip Mitchell played the part of Blake (AKA: John Watters). "Mitchell" Mitchell was thankfully nowhere in sight!

* Kalgan is played by Diaboliks John Phillip Law. Oh how the pretty boy has fallen, From the sleek super thief and beautiful angel in Barbarella, to scenery chewing hack with a bad haircut in this one!

Available on DVD: Volume 4

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