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821 - Time Chasers

First Broadcast - 5 pm Saturday, Nov 22nd 1997
#42 in Mighty Jack's Top 100
Excellence Level: Platinum
Movie Pain: Low - Tasty cheese
Riffing: Side splitting
Skits: Hilarious

Nick, our hero, has a pointy chin, a bicycle and an airplane that can travel through time. Crow has a hard time accepting that Nick is the star of the movie, hoping against hope that he will soon bicycle his way to the real hero. But alas, we're stuck with Nick. Our intrepid geek is soon working for Bob Evil (with his silly voice and library office) and falling for a reporter with a bad sense of style. Truly, a film that puts the cheese into cheesy.

The riffing here, leans heavily on sarcasm and satire -Mike laughs diabolically when Bob Evil assures Nick that everything is copacetic. Crow's hysterical observation on the future of children- With a dash of wit thrown in to keep it balanced -J.K's gadding about in the past and Crow throws out the line..."I'm going to facilitate connectivity!".

Another plus: Mikes bad Brother Eddie gets in on the riffing - which is part of a decent string of film related host segments that finds Crow mucking with the past (Young, dumb Mike is a hoot).

Bill Corbett is especially good in this episode; he's really getting into the groove and giving his own "cranky" spin on Crow. Outstanding episode comes highly recommended.

Host Segments
Intro: Lost in Space skit falls apart. Segment 1: Good neighborly conversation. Segment 2: Crow travels through time to talk Mike out of taking temp jobs. Segment 3: Crow returns from the past and finds a mean version of Mike on the SOL. Segment 4: Crow goes back to the past to talk himself out of changing Mike's future. End: The bots now want to play Gilligan's Island. And there's a spare Crow working at the cheese factory. Stinger: Bob Evil in the mall.

Observer gives riffing a spin
Notable Riffs
"Did someone tape a dinner roll to his chin?" - Crow
"They somehow gave her plaid theme music." - Crow
"Hmm, nice plane, but it needs more plaid." - Mike
"So in the future kids become gay agents?" - Crow
"I like pie." - Servo as Lisa
"Oh, his chin butt is engulfing her!" - Servo
"Is this that subliminal advertising you hear about?" - "I dunno, but suddenly I'm hungry for a guy with glasses." Servo/Crow
"Flying Toasters are pretty, hehhehheh." - Crow
"So, Mike, no skydiving Grandma, huh? Man, they lead you up to something great, and then they just shoot it down. Stupid grandma-leaver-outers" - Servo
"Ah, the 50's, when everyone walked around saying 'AAAYY' all the time." - Crow
"Nick, what is that?" - "It means I like you." - Lisa/Crow as Nick
"Listen, do you want your Library card revoked?" - Crow as J.K.
"Are you offering dinner?" - "No, I'm saying MAKE ME DINNER!" - Lisa/Crow as Nick
"Um, should the sky have trees and houses and be rushing right towards us?" - Crow
"Ah, so it's bicycles then, eh? We accept your choice of vehicle! En garde!" - Servo
"Yep, Grandma came back from the dead, built a duplicate plane, and crashed it." - Eddie as Nick
*"Ah Ha! Unlucky for you, I secrete pine tar from my hands." - Crow as Nick
"He died as he lived, mud stained and splaying!" - Crow
"I have a severe injury to my sleeve." - Crow as J.K.
"Loser status confirmed" - Crow, directed at Nick

Riff Explained
"The future still has Mason Reese" - Mike
Reese was a red haired, pudgy kid who did commercials for Underwood Deviled Ham in the early 70's. His shtick was to nasally mispronounce "smorgasbord" as "Borgaschmorg"

"Big boys don't cry" - Crow
This line was whispered on the 1975 hit single (#2 in the US) from the group "10cc", titled I'm Not In Love.

Stuff and Nonsense
* Bad guy J.K. was played by George Woodard. who, in addition to acting in films like "Ethan Frome" with Liam Neeson, is also a full-time dairy farmer in Vermont.

* Interesting to hear some skit callbacks in this ep. Chinderwear and  "Pet the Lama" are referenced in riffs.

Available on DVD: Volume 5

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