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822 - Overdrawn At The Memory Bank

First Broadcast - 5 pm Saturday, Dec 6th 19
Excellence Level: Silver
Movie Pain: High - The story is a chore, the video gives me a headache
Riffing: Solid, good humor
Skits: Induced mostly smiles

Before there was Keanu Reeves as Neo, there was Raul Julia as Fingal. A bored guy from the future who dopples as a monkey, gets misplaced, then controls big brother by using a Casablanca virtual reality backdrop. Hey, don't blame me If that makes no sense, I didn't write the script.

Rhino included this in the 4th volume box set, which motivated me to reassess my original review. My thoughts upon watching the experiment again? While I still feel it doesn't achieve the consistency to reach that "A" level status (I laughed more during "Werewolf" for example). It never-the-less is an episode laced with many outstanding moments.

Among the highlights: the rhyming name games and the relentless slams on the Fat Man "To Wendys!" (though I could have done without all the fart noises). A lot of the jokes are cute -Mom, son and private parts: 'nuff said- and very clever, -I was raised Catholic and Crow gets in a quick line about happiness that made me roar-. Also, there's a nice bit during the end credits with Mike calling the movies "Tech Support" (Voiced by Beez McKeever), and a great stinger that Sci-Fi edited out during broadcasts but is fully restored through the Rhino DVD. On the negative, the "Public Pearl" host segments drag on waaaaay too long -We lost the shorts for this!?- As with the bits in "The Undead", there's a clever idea here, but one that doesn't click on screen. The duet with Observer and Pearl for example. It's a cute idea, though not real funny in execution.

To sum it up, Memory Bank is a frequently funny, enjoyable way to spend 92 minutes of your life. It's boxed up with the equally excellent "Girl In Gold Boots" and "Space Mutiny" as well as the not so exciting "Hamlet".

Host Segments
Intro: Crow markets his "You know you want me, baby!" catch phrase, via T-Shirts. Segment 1: Mike searches for a catch phrase and Pearl puts on a PBS like pledge draw. Ortega takes Servo's call. Segment 2: The bots order an angry monkey. Segment 3: Pearl and Observer sing a duet about love. Segment 4: Tom dopples into Nanite world with less than happy results. End: Bobo attempts to bond with Henry the Monkey. Public Pearl rakes in the cash. Stinger: "Mom, M' Nuts?"

Notable Riffs
"He had the most unusual eye's" - "They were made out of mylar!" - Apollonia/Crow
"Hey! Extreme babooning!" - Servo
"I can't lose you now! We've never even had a dance together!" - "You've never bought a muffler together, either. What's the point?!" - Apollonia/Crow
"I didn't want to bungle or bobble the Fingal dopple." - Mike as Apollonia
"So this is public television. Suddenly I feel like beating up Fred Rogers" - Crow
"Whoa! Huge slam on anteaters out of nowhere!" - Crow
"Hey! Someone turn off the fat rotating guy" - Servo
"Is it Children of the Damned Day at the Brain Institute here?" - Servo
"Okay, so it's my first dopple" "I've only dabbled in dopples" - Fingal/Mike
"Come, as you are, to my mall, to my aaatrium" - Crow
"Please, I can see your little fingal" - Crow as Apollonia
"You need to tinkle Fingal? How about a Pringal Fingal?" - Servo
"Wait, switch to analog!" - "It has a warmer sound" - Tech guy/Mike
"Don't talk about your private parts in public" - Crow as Mom
"Stay away from the fat man Fingal" - "He smells like feet" - Pierre/Crow
"Hooray for socks" - Crow as guy without a brain
"TV's Frank?" - "Hey Franks really come up in the world." - Mike/Servo
"Happiness?!" - "Ptaa, you're raised Catholic!" - Apolonia/Crow
"You know I'd rather watch the kind of hackers who spit a lot." - Crow
* "Were we just interrupted by a pork roast?" - Servo as Apollonia

Riff Explained
"The days of maruba fruit and roses" - Mike
This is a take off on the title of a 1962 film called, "Days of Wine and Roses". It starred Jack Lemon and Lee Remick as an alcoholic, co-dependent couple.

"I wish my brother George were here" - Mike
Mike is doing an imitation of Bugs Bunny doing an imitation of Liberace. George, a violinist, was the brother of the flamboyant pianist who starred in several TV shows in the '50s and '60s. in the cartoon "Hyde and Hare" (1955), Bugs plays piano and speaks the line referenced by Mike.

Stuff & Nonsense
* Apollonia was performed by Montreal born Linda Griffiths, who went on to become an award winning playwright (Alien Creature: a visitation from Gwendolyn MacEwen). She was also a speech coach. Sadly, Linda passed away from breast cancer in 2014...  

* In the dopple skit – There is graffiti in Nanite world that says "Jodi" – Jodi was the name of a Nanite voiced by Mary Jo in episode #802. Also note that Mike goes from his green jumpsuit to a pleasant pink outfit similar to Appolonia's in mid sketch.

Available on DVD: Collection volume 4

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