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908 - The Touch of Satan

First Broadcast - 5 pm Saturday, July 11th 1998
#16 in Mighty Jack's Top 100
Excellence Level: Best in Show
Movie Pain: Medium - Slow moving with slices of cheese
Riffing: Spot on hellacious hilarity
Skits: Most are superb, thanks to Beez

I really liked this episode a lot: The movie is about a guy who stumbles upon a girl who made a deal with the devil. Lots of side splitting bits and the film itself had so much bad dialog which contributed to the laughs -"This is where the fish lives"- what scribe came up with that line of genius?

There's lots of superb interaction with this flick, as witnessed in the scene with the gas station attendant who talks about"Fromikidal" maniacs. Servo stabs back "Is that right? I should check my dictionotomy". The Obscure reference is also used well -Margret Adler? She's a journalist AND wiccan Priestess- plus the guys have a curiously shaped cop, a leathery killer gram-ma and "ZAA!" to mock and chide.

In addition to the great riffing... Pearl is out of the office and leaves a babysitter (Beez McKeever) to watch over things. Beez calls Observer "Brian" and treats Bobo like a dog, in one of the shows finest, funniest host segments. It makes me long for more Steffi!

Host Segments
Intro: Crow and Servo go a-wassailing. Segment 1: Mike finds some canned wassail. And Pearl hires Steffi the baby sitter to watch Brain Guy and Bobo. Segment 2: Mike & Servo are walnut & pecan farmers respectively. Segment 3: Crow's convinced he's a witch, and has Mike bury him under some rocks. Segment 4: Servo's grandma tries to kill Mike with a pitchfork. End: Crow accidentally sells his soul to "Stan," an accountant. Steffi reads to Brain Guy and disciplines Bobo. "No! No bark!!" Stinger: Melissa sez, "This is where the fish lives."

Notable Riffs
"Emby Mellay? That's not a name, it's a bad Scrabble hand" - Servo
"With David Spade as Satan, good casting." - Mike
"Honk!" - "Get off the road Man Goat!" - Crow
"Is that your car?" - "Mind if I skip rocks across it?" - Melissa/Tom Servo
"I sure hope he said 'peanuts'." - Crow
"Make me disappear." - "Yea!" - Jodie/Crow
"Farmer Squarehead." - Mike
"Ah, The Touch of Satan. Softens your hands while you do the dishes." - Servo
"Well, you know he's Satan because he didn't signal his turn."
"Well, he is the master of torture, you would have really long credits like this." - Mike
"The grocer's wife died when someone said "Za", it's not funny!" - Servo as Melissa
"You're kind of an idiot, aren't you?"- Mike as Jody
"Come sit with me, and Satan too, he's your friend and mine." - Servo (singing)
"I sure love the Yelling Channel." -Servo
"Your folks seem nice and evil." - Mike
"Who are you?" - "My name is Margret Rawhide Chew." - Jody/Mike
"You really do believe there's some kind of Devil out there?" - "Yes" - "I've had his food cake." - Jody/Melissa/Crow
"My obsession with the color brown is getting out of hand." - Mike as Melissa
"Take my daughter, but spare my commemorative plates." - Crow as Rev. Strickland
"May the Dark One hold your soul in his clutch, I mean, uh, safe trip." - Mike as Luther
"Wow, look at the smoke! Everybody must be burning their grandmas today." - Mike
"It's just, we live on a farm." - "We don't raise boyfriends." - Melissa/Crow
"Uh, Mrs. Rotting Pumpkin Head? Hello?" - Crow as Jody
"There's been a walnut uprising!" - Mike as Luther
"Heh, heh, I said "Za". - Crow as Jody
"What is it Papa?" - "It's people saying "Burn the witch"! Do you have any deductive powers at all!" - Melissa/Crow
"I do love you." - "But why are you sanding my shoulder." - Jody/Crow

Riff Explained
"Herbert Von Karajan is not pleased with that!" - Crow
Farmer square head (Luther) bears a resemblance to the great European conductor.

"You know If she had another one of these she could be Melissa "2 Sheds" Strickland" - Crow
Spoken when Jody and Melissa walk to her, uh, shed: References a hysterical Monty Python bit. In it; Arthur "2 Sheds" Jackson is a great composer, but all an interviewer is interested in is his shed!

"Oh Bosch!" - "Oh Hieronymus!" - Luther/Servo
Hieronymus Bosch (1450-1516) an eccentric Dutch painter whose nightmarish works often dealt with the torments of hell.

Stuff & Nonsense
* When Melissa asks for the identity of the spirit who saved her sister; it answers with a speech that was adapted from HP Lovecraft's short story, The Horror at Red Hook. The original reads...
"O friend and companion of night, thou who rejoicest in the baying of dogs and spilt blood, who wanderest in the midst of shades among the tombs, who longest for blood and bringest terror to mortals, Gorgo, Mormo, thousand-faced moon, look favourably on our sacrifices!"

Available on DVD: Collection volume 5

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