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910- The Final Sacrifice

First Broadcast - 5 pm Saturday, July 25 1998
#6 in Mighty Jack's Top 100
Excellence Level: Best in Show
Movie Pain: Low - Unintentionally funny Canadian production
Riffing: I laughed so hard I wet 'em!
Skits: Hilarious


Ahh that name has been carved indelibly into my brain. I can't hear it spoken without bursting into childish giggles. What is a Rowsdower, you ask? Why he's our pudgy beer swilling hero, who takes on a cult with the help of a Larry Csonka lovin' lad named Troy.

Oh sooo funny episode even without words (Troy smiles into the camera, and someone makes an "Eeeeeehhhh" sound). Lots of great moments, from the dude who "hates them rabbits", to Troy singing the Rowsdower song. And speaking of songs, Servo dresses up and the gang join him in a spirit soaring ode to the Great White North.

Other film highlights include scenes where Oscar the Grouch gets trashed; and Zap offering Troy his Jacket. Which Crow points out is made entirely of lunch meat. ROTF. Who'd a thunk cults, Canada and Larry Csonka could inspire so many laughs.

Host Segments
Intro: Gyps turns out the lights and the bots go looting. Crow steals his own TV. Segment 1: Pearl plans to rule the world, One person at a time!And Observer sends M&TB the worst thing to ever come out of Canada. Segment 2: The Canada song. Segment 3: It's a hockey hair epidemic. Segment 4: Mike suffers from "Grizzled Old Prospector Syndrome". End: The bots form a cult and Pearl continues her reign of terror. Stinger:"Rowsdower?"

Notable Riffs
"Canadian rules football is much different." - Crow
"It says, Do Not Wrinkle." - Crow
"Canadian villain Garth Vader." - Mike
"OOOO I Need's an eraser!" - Crow
"Damn! He's got a ten speed." - Mike
"Well my name is Bill Stinkwater." - Crow
"What would Coach Don Shula do?" - Mike
"Ooh, nature smells." - Servo as Troy
"Uh Oh, the town's alternator is shot." - Crow
"The 'Just about to sneeze' God." - Mike
"Oh come on, one more sacrifice before we go." - "Okay, but this is the FINAL SACRIFICE!" - Tom Servo/Mike
"Oh man, that's not a nose, it's a duplex" - Mike
"The music is really more suited to plate spinning." - Servo
"You got mud on your face, you big disgrace, shoving those sandwiches into your face" "Singing we will, we will Rowsdower!" - Crow/All
"I don't care if I'm too old, I'm getting my Batman pajamas back out of here." - Mike"
* "Am I like him?" - "No, he was masculine and likable." - Troy/Servo
"He just finished his exhaustive 4 volume biography on Larry Csonka." - Crow
"You know it's spring when the executioners start getting in the house." - Crow
"Rowsdower, could you please put out my head?" - Servo as Troy
"I sensed that with my hair. My hair's an elaborate network of nerves, constantly processing information." - Servo as Rowsdower
"Wait a minute." - "I have a gag in my pocket." - Troy/Servo
"I wonder if there's beer on the sun." - Crow as Rowsdower
"God bless mommy, and daddy, and grandpa, and all of my evil henchmen." - Crow
"I made you some trailmix out of rat droppings and hair." - Mike
"Why don't you ask your friend when he arrives."- "Ha! Ha! The jokes on you, I don't have any friends!" - Satoris/Crow as Troy
"Uh I somehow swallowed the knife." - Mike as Troy
"Well, it was a pretty good cult, but hockey season's starting and all..." - Servo

Crow: So, Mike, most humans, when you shoot them in the butt, they burst into flames?
Mike: Well, I don't know...
Crow: Can we try it? Turn around.

Riffs Explained
As It Happens?
Mike references this Canadian born radio program which often highlights the quirky and eccentric (The show campaigned to have the Beaver made the countries official symbol).

"Emperor Haile Selassie" - Crow
The last emperor of Ethiopia (1930-1975). Piper bears some resemblance to Selassie.

"Wait, I was going to sing something from "Bone Machine" - Servo as Piper
Title of the 1992 album from gravely voiced Tom Waits.

Stuff and Nonsense
The movies writer/director -red haired, Dutch/Canadian- Tjardus Greidanus, is married to Documentary film-maker Laura Davis. The two have been active in Pittsburgh and created a short film together titled, "Pittsburgh: Hollywood's best kept secret". Tjardus has also directed a few "Making of" films (For "Big Daddy" & "Antwone Fisher")

Available on DVD: Volume 17

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