Thursday, August 28, 2014

911 - Devil Fish

First Broadcast - 5 pm Saturday, Aug 15 1998
Excellence Level: Bronze
Movie Pain: High - Vile, with so many edits I get dizzy
Riffing: Chuckle-Fest
Skits: Wildly funny

One of the most spastically edited flicks in known history! What we can derive from the hundreds of montages provided, is that this is a film about beer, a fleshless Darryl Hanna wannabe and a television repairman. All of whom battle against a Devil Fish (not to be confused with Hugo, a Devil Doll).

There are some funny riffs at the outset but it nose dives big time as it goes on. The crew at Best Brains probably enjoyed this one as much as "Sidehackers" (sarcasm intended) as this movie also had disturbing scenes of violence against women which needed to be cut out.

Host segments are pretty solid. Mike losing his identity due a government conspiracy(?) made me chuckle and watching him upset dolphins and electricians (with dire consequences) was good for a wide smile. Beez McKeever & Patrick Brantseg play the guests on Pearl's cruise ship.

And of course, this episode is known for an important appearance from the MST logo ...

Host Segments
Intro: Mike has lost his identity. Segment 1: Pearl's running a cruise ship, M&TB provide the ice sculptures. Segment 2: Mike and the bots make the mistake of dissing dolphins. Segment 3: And now the guys get in trouble for ribbing electricians. Segment 4: Pearl's Italian filter goes wild. End: Crow's animal combos and dinner at the Captain's table. Stinger: "It's right underneath us!" - "I know!"

Notable Riffs
"Just because you can edit doesn't mean you should." - Servo
"Come on, legs, evolve!" - Crow as shark
"Hi Peter!" - "Hi Stick." - Stella/Mike
"The sheriff's report simply read, ick." - Crow
"2000 flushes, the movie." - Crow
"Something vague this way comes." - Servo
"Fishing for Deep Sea Clowns." - Servo
"This is the dawning of the age of Seaquarium." - Servo
"I tried to unclog my lawnmower with my feet!" - Crow
"Man, he's built like a G.I. Joe. He even has shoulder sockets so you can pose him." - Mike
"Well, I could eat the boat and spit them out, I suppose." - Mike
"Our special tonight is Devilfish with satanic spring beans and deep lucifered potatoes." - Mike
"That's my special line.
* "A beer is in trouble somewhere!" - Mike
"Hu, I didn't know humans could survive without flesh?" - Crow
"Hang on I gotta stamp a new price on him." - Mike
"I'm made of ground chuck and lava." - Crow as Devil Fish
"Deploy the Country Time Pink Lemonade!" - Crow"
"This is how I like to fish, Mike, a flashlight and a flamethrower." - Servo
"I'm going to put him to sleep!" - "I'm going to read him something from Joan Didion!" - Beer Guy/Servo

Riffs Explained
"Eh, you colored girls who have considered suicide when the rainbow is enuf" - Servo.
Except for the first 2 words, this is the title of a play/poem written by Ntozake Shange in the mid 70's.

Joan Didion?
An author whose detailed writings focus on the trivial and hopeless nature of life. Pretty depressing stuff

Stuff & Nonsense
Iris Peynado (Sandra) acted with Miles O' Keefe in the 3rd Ator flick,"Iron Warrior". She played the part of the good witch, Deeva.

Available on DVD: Volume 19