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K10 - Cosmic Princess

First Broadcast - 6 pm Sunday, Jan 22 1989

This movie is actually a couple of episodes from Martin Landau's dry "Space 1999" series. The riffing draws from the TV show 'Family Affair' (The bad guy looks like Mr. French), and all those Dairy Queen quips we've heard over the years? Well they get a major workout here. Not a horrible experiment but it's not their sharpest riff work either. The funniest bits are when Tom's head keep falling off (Josh enjoys a laugh at his bots expense). Joel has to tape it down in the theater "I feel like a Nun" says Servo. The guys are real giggly during this segment; the bots fight and Tom coughs. Of Note: My copy includes the commercial Trace and Josh made for the restaurant "Pizza & Pasta".

Host Segments
Intro: The Mads present, "No-D Glasses", these are 3-D Glasses with a lens missing. Segment 1: Crows Barbershop (which will be seen again in episode #105). Segment 2: Servo learns to fly, badly. Segment 3: The bots learn that they being claimed as "Business Expenses" on Joel's taxes. End: Joel and the bots play some football, it is Superbowl Sunday after all. No Stinger: but if chose one I'd go with that Jack -O- Lantern guy with the helium voice.

Notable Riffs
"Could you beat on my chest, please?" - Servo as Alan / "Is that what they use in Mister Misty's?! That's extremely icky, Joel!" - Servo / "Nice jammies." - Crow / "Sooorrry, Mr. French" - Servo / "There's one ball of titanium that's not to be trifled with." - Joel / "They can't be very intelligent; look what they're flying!" - Crow / "Titanium: It's the feel-good mineral of 1999." - Joel / "Well, we don't have very much money for the other ship; let's use a... Pepsi bottle!" - Servo / "You know, your records just don't sound the same once they've been through a space-warp." - Crow /

Stuff and Nonsense
* This episode aired during Superbowl Sunday. It was game XXII and the 49ers defeated the Bengals, 20 to 16.

* This was the first time Servo's head falls off. There will be many more such incidences over the years.

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