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K11 - Humanoid Woman

First Broadcast - 6 pm Sunday, Jan 29 1989

Saucer eyed alien clone with GI Joe hair, seeks earthlings help in saving her dying planet. I liked the Humanoid Woman, the way she walked over grass and jumped on chairs and turned invisible and dodged bullets. I liked the boxy robot who could suck a watermelon through its bottom and had to hold onto its head so it wouldn't fall off (Both big time missed opps). And I thought Josh got off some nice riffs, as in a scene when when a woman tells the pilot to "Get a hold of yourself" and Tom responds... "How can I steer the ship then?" I wish this would have received the msting treatment in the sci-fi era as this surreal movie would have fit in quite well then.

Host Segments
Intro: The Mads are very angry when they discover that the shows ratings are jumping. Segment 1: The crew plays tag and Joel runs through the doorway sequence. (Done again in show #105). Segment 2: Servo romances a blender and later, a coffee maker. (Done again in show #103). Segment 3: Dali and surrealism (As seen in show #107). End: Discussing the Village People. No Stinger: But if I chose one... Hazel the robot sucks watermelon.

Notable Riffs
"She kinda looks like Christopher Walken" / "Hey, that robot is wearing a fig leaf!" / "Now make her sound like a Kazoo" / "Why did she crawl into the Espresso machine?" / "Because in space, no one can smell your breath." - Crow / "She's very attractive when she weeps. Like death warmed over." - Servo. / "That turtle should be showing up any time now, shouldn't it?" - Servo / "The plot thickens. Like rancid pea soup" - Servo / "They're Corn Czechs!" - Servo. / "What about gel, can we take gel?" - Joel as Edek

Stuff and Nonsense
Filmed in Gorky, Russia and Kiev, Ukraine; This was MST3Ks first excursion into Russian cinema. At the 1982 International Science Fiction Film Festival in Trieste, Italy - Yelena Metyolkina was awarded a "Silver Asteroid" for her portrayal of Niya.

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