Saturday, August 30, 2014

K12 - Fugitive Alien

First Broadcast - 6 pm Sunday, Feb 5 1989

Sandy Frank strikes again! This time bringing us a cheapo space epic. Trace is gone so no Crow (and Servo takes his seat again). There are a few good riffs, but generally there's too much bad singing and smoking riffs that fall flat. Though I found the "Life Cereal" exchange at the end to be cute,"Let's get Rocky, he'll try anyone".

The episode also reveals a few secrets: We discover that Clay is accidentally dating a man and that Gypsy might be a drug dealer (Servo says she sold him some 'space speed') lol, it's only a joke. Also: this might be the first time the "Spiral On Down" is mentioned since the pilot (there are 3 eps yet to be seen). Joel is looking for Crow and Tom says... "he's on the spiral-on-down wearing his Ray-bans". The SoD is how Joel gets to the theater. Gyps and Beeper took a walk through it in K00. Gypsy got stuck in it in show K18 and in "Ring of Terror" the bots trick Joel into jumping through its hatch. 

Host Segments
Intro: Dr. F is in Vegas so Larry is in charge. Joel sings the "Fugitive Alien" theme and his voice hurts Servo's spine. Segment 1: Joel grills Servo on Crows whereabouts. When Tom wont tell, Joel threatens to give him a voice like Punky Brewster. Just then Gypsy walks in with Crows head in her mouth. Segment 2: Joel and Servo discuss why certain celebrities are never seen together (They might be the same person: I.E. Fred Flintstone and Tip O'Neal). Segment 3: The crew have a dance contest which Gypsy wins. End: Joel gives us the address to join the new fan club, Servo asks that you include the name of your favorite soup. No Stinger: But if I choose one... At the end with Ken swinging his arms and yelping, "AIEE, AIEE, AIEE, EYAA!"

Notable Riffs
"But how do I get aboard?" - "Act like baggage!" - Ken/Joel / "Buzz off! I mean I'm sorry" - Servo as Ken / "Just because you lost your hair, doesn't mean you have to take it out on the planet" - Joel / "Boner Raider?" - Joel / "This is for taking my nephews part in this movie!" - Joel as Joe / "They're making a Xerox copy of them" - Joel / "No you've got me confused, I'm a star Badger." - Servo as Ken / "What a grouch!" - Joel / "White Vader" - Servo / "I like mimes who talk and don't wear makeup" - Joel / "Ken, where are you?" - "On your shoulder, it's crowded with dandruff" - Joe/Joel / "I wont let you talk like that!" - "Okay I'll do it in mime" - Rita/Servo as Ken

Stuff and Nonsense
A fan club is born: In this episode Joel announces the formation of the MST3K fan club

Joel throws out some pop culture references. His,"Man made chickens, but they're new!" comes from the movie Eraserhead. And as Rita runs in slow motion, he says- "The closer she gets, the better she looks". This is an altered version of an old Clairol ad, which showed a man and woman running towards each other in slo-mo

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