Saturday, August 30, 2014

K13 - SST Deathflight

First Broadcast - 6 pm Sunday, Feb 19 1989

This one is considered by many the best offering from KTMA. BUT, all the while I'm watching it I'm thinking, "Oh, what they could have done with this in season 4" There are soooo many shots they could have, but didn't, take. And with actors like Robert Reed, Burt Convey, Misty Rowe, Doug McClure, George Maharis, Burgess Meredith, Tina Louise, Martin Milner & Regis Philbin, man it should have been like shooting fish in a barrel. In addition, the Host Segments didn't do a whole lot for me - that limbo skit in particular was random and throw-away.

There were a handful of chuckles in the theater and I did enjoy the one skit with Gypsy's new voice (the perplexed look Joel wears is great). But all in all I was less than thrilled - Deathflight never reaches those purported comedy heights for me.

Host Segments
Intro: Dr. F returns from Vegas bearing gifts and bucket fulls of cash. Joel does a spit take. Segment 1: Joel gives Servo a shock. Segment 2: Gypsy has a cold and treats Joel to her Marilyn Monroe impression. Segment 3: Servo sings while the SOL crew does the limbo. End: Viewer mail is read for the very first time, Servo invites all to write in with their favorite pizza toppings. No Stinger: But if I chose one - Bubble's shrieks... "Don't say that word!"

Notable Riffs
"Lyle Kingman..." - "Wild Kingdom?" - Milner/Servo / "And his co-pilot is Ted Koppel." - Joel / "Hi, you're in the part of the plane that falls off." - Crow /"Uh-Oh, the Coca Cola's leaking." - Crow / "I want to sit next to bubbles." - Servo / "Taste like Kool-Aid!" - Servo as Burgess / "Whats this button do?" - Crow as Burgess / "Hey, you. Come over here and spill some of this in a dangerous place." - Servo 

Stuff and Nonsense
* This episode opens with the gang singing the SST Deathflight theme.

* Gypsy is voiced and operated by a woman for the first and only time. Makeup woman Faye Burkholder did the honors. Faye will show up on camera in Season 3 as the record executive during a skit in Pod People.

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