Saturday, August 30, 2014

K14 - Mighty Jack

First Broadcast - 6 pm Sunday, Feb 26 1989

Illustrates perfectly just how good this show got by season 3. The best lines from episode 314 are gone and replaced, often, by silence. You get a few scattered chuckles, and this version doesn't have the bad edits so you can follow the story better. Still, unlike KTMA's version of "Gamera vs Gaos" where we get a pretty funny running gag about GrandpaCow mooing, this experiment doesn't offer up anything note worthy or different to distinguish it. Stick with season three's Mighty Jack, K14's for the die hard curious only.

Of Note:  During the first theater segment Joel announces that there will be a newsletter published in 2 weeks. Sampo wrote in his episode guide notes at Satellite News, that Crow mentions the name Frank Conniff (He notes his resemblance to the reporter in the film).

Host Segments
Intro: Larry wonders if he and Clay are actually "Mad" or just angry. Dr F plays with a Mr. Potato Head. Segment 1: The Bots have welded themselves together, but Joel doesn't think it's funny. They return in women's clothing, "Now that's funny!" shouts Joel. Segment 2: Crow and Servo watch "Punky Brewster" and contemplate the nature of humor. Segment 3: Crow's bowling, Joel wants to play murder ball but the Bots refuse. End: Viewer mail is read. One heaps praise on Servo "Must be a typo" says Mr. T Robot. While another loves Crow. A third letter includes a photo of AMY: The Magnificent Pagan She-Beast. No Stinger: But if I chose one... Atari turns towards Jerry; who looks away sheepishly, like a guilty lover.

Notable Riffs
"They're playing games with Mr. Atari" - Crow / "He vanished without a trace" - "Look up" - Lady in red/Servo / "My God! It's a micro screen razor!" - Servo / "Quick, my gun sock!" - Crow / "And I already used everything in my Mighty Jacket" - Servo as Atari / "They dubbed his fingers" - Crow / "So that cat is going to have to take the rap for this whole thing?" - Joel

Stuff and Nonsense
* When Crow drops his Dots; Servo retrieves them, gets sticky from the floor and says... "This gives me an idea for a Halloween costume". Josh is referring to a bit from Joel's stand-up act where he used candy wrappers and silly string to make a 'floor of a theater' costume. This bit will show up in show #212, Godzilla vs Megalon.

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