Saturday, August 30, 2014

K15 - Superdome

First Broadcast - 6 pm Sunday, March 12 1989

Another made for TV movie which stars the likes of David Jansen, Donna Mills, Tom Selleck and tells the tale of an attempt to fix the Super Bowl. Crow does his David Jansen and that's kind of funny, as is Tom's bad imitation of Kate Hepburn from "On Golden Pond". Some of the word plays and puns are a hoot - but there are frequent chasms of silence where the slow weight of the movie overwhelms.

The host segments parody those infamous "clip shows" - though only two are actual re-runs (something similar will be done later in #209 "Hellcats"). The funniest bit has Joel acting the tyrant, using Gypsy as an ashtray.

Host Segments
Intro: Servo types a letter with his feet and remembers the time he talked the Mads into bringing the crew back to earth... then Crow blew the deal. Segment 1: A flashback to K13 where Joel gives Servo a shock. Segment 2: Joel's an angry task master ("I'm not really this way", explains Joel, "It's just Servo's perception of me"). Crow & Gyspy do Casablanca. Segment 3: Servo's favorite moments. End: Fan art and Joel shows off cool fan club items. No Stinger: But if I chose one - David Jansen speeds off in his golf cart, beeping at fans walking through the stadium halls.

Notable Riffs
"Will he run through the airport in pantyhose?" - Crow / "It's a Hotel for luggage" - Joel / "Nobody wants to yank the #1 superstar" - Joel / "How's the knee...?" - "It's in the car" - Nancy/Crow as Dave / "You're seeing a shrink, what for?" - "I wanna be smaller" - Dave/Crow as Nancy / "Give me your hand" - "She's gonna eat that too" - Laney/Crow / "He's flossing the lock" - Joel / "Wilbur, get up on top of me like in the old day's" - Crow as horse /"Magnum deep fried" - Crow

Stuff and Nonsense
On Oct 14, 2004. The MST3K Discussion Board received a post from a gal named Amethyst, who was looking for show K15. It seems all she had was the final host segment -which featured her artwork- and was looking for a cleaner copy. This set the board a buzz because that final host segment has been missing since MST-time began. Thanks Teresa for adding another piece to the puzzle.

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