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K16 - City On Fire

First Broadcast - 6 pm Sunday, March 19 1989

Henry Fonda -One of my all time favorite actors- stars in this movie about an explosion at a refinery which sets the city a blaze. The Msting? Josh gets tickled about a guy who can stop, drop but fails to roll. Fonda asks for his son and Joel says, "Peter, we need the Easy Rider". Leslie Nielson is hosing down doctors, nurses, patients and Joel observes that it's all... "part of the hospital hazing process". The guys also provide a sight gag, as fire approaches they all jump. Crow is especially good, the majority of the big laughs I received sprung from his beak. Though Joel & Josh get in some nice shots as well.

Host Segments
Intro: The Mads might have their licenses revoked because they no longer qualify as mad scientists but rather "mildly peeved researchers". We also learn that they use to work as "Fruit Inspectors". From here we go right to the movie with no J&TBs and no doorway sequence. Segment 1: The bots pull a prank on Joel and make a lot of bad jokes. Segment 2: Joel demonstrates "Hell in a Handbag". A funny skit and the bag was used again as Joel's invention in show #103. Segment 3: Joel is a drill instructor and leads the bots in a marching song. End: Gypsy's been working on the newsletter and Joel shows us all the cool stuff we'd get if we join the fan club. No Stinger: But if I chose one - Drunk anchorwoman says to gassy looking Producer... "Ah-Ha, you put on a dress and do it"

Notable Riffs
"You sweat a lot when you drink raw eggs" - Crow / "I'll grind you up a side of beef in a blender and serve it to you as a shake" - Servo / "Dr. Seuss to the drawing room" - Crow / "You sunk my Battleship" - Crow / "Get that man a saucer of milk" - Joel / "...he was devoted to life" - "Except when he was dead" - Diana/Crow / "You all know "Follow the Leader?" - "This is called follow the burning Doctor" - Whitman/Crow / "Doctor I think we got our blood donor!" - Servo as Diana / "It's okay, he's already wet" - Crow / "I hope those guys know enough to not drive back to the Hospital with them" - Joel

Stuff and Nonsense
* Joel shows off the goodies fan club members receive: A certificate (Suitable for framing), a membership card and the first edition of the Satellite News (which published an exclusive interview with Cambot. Who simply laughs and sputters and ultimately loses his table at the restaurant to Jamie Lee Curtis)

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