Saturday, August 30, 2014

K19 - Hangar-18

First Broadcast - 6 pm Sunday, May 14 1989

Oh this would be a good msting candidate for season 8, just think of all the X-File & MIB jokes they could have done. While there are dead spots-a-plenty in this episode, there are also a couple of real good quips from all 3 of our theater dwellers. "It's a surprisetory!" - Crow. As well as a few pop culture references - Such as Joel singing some Loudon Wainwright (Bell Bottom Pants), Tom quoting from the short lived "Far Out Space Nuts" (I said lunch not launch) and Crow thinking he's spotted some Danish radio equipment from "Bang & Olafson" on the alien craft.

The host segments are all aces as well (Kibbles and Bots? LOL). Very solid effort, though they do drop the ball a few times (Darren McGavin stars, so where's the Kolchak riffs?)

Host Segments
Intro: Joel rubs his head, announces the name of the movie and shouts, "Movie sign!" Segment 1: A Meteor shower is heading for the SOL and Crow bugs Joel with child-like questions. Segment 2: Crow's memory is purged, no more complete episodes of "Punky Brewster", No more "Lyle Wagner Penile Implant Show", no more "George Hamilton Skin Care Hour". Segment 3: Crows first memory - Joel reveals that the golden bots name stands for "Cybernetic Remotely Operated Woman"... Just kidding. End: The fan club is near its 1,000th member. Joel announces that there's a surprise (A demon dog) waiting for that lucky fan whose #1,000. No Stinger: But if I chose one - Men in black scramble up a hill as an overdubbed voice says... "Come on, we gotta get that rock back!"

Notable Riffs
"I feel like I know more than I already do" - Joel / "We're up a specific creek"- Servo / "Quick, call the cable company" - They'll never get the Disney channel now" - Crow/Joel / "Is there any exterior damage?" - "Tail lights broken" - Bill/Crow / "What if they open it up and Meatloaf was in there" - Servo / "They're waiting for Prince to come out" - Joel / "Now they're glad they have rubber suits on" - Joel / "It's a Tor Johnson festival"- Crow /"They're dating one of our women!" - Joel on the Aliens / "Scientists check in but they can't check out" - Joel / "Hey, that's not an exit" - Crow (said as car drives off the road) / "Hey? A fine tooth comb!" - Crow

Stuff & Nonsense
* I'm thrilled to see Darren McGavin on MST (like me he was born in Spokane, WA in the month of May). McGavin's best work can be seen in, "Kolchack: The Night Stalker" and as the father in "A Christmas Story".

Devo hair? Joel makes this observation about all the perfect hair styles in the movie. Though best known for the red flower pot hats - New Wave band "Devo", once wore plastic hair on an album cover and in videos.

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