Saturday, August 30, 2014

K20 - The Last Chase

First Broadcast - 6 pm Sunday, May 21 1989

One of KTMA's finest. The movie tells of a future where gas powered automobiles are outlawed. So Lee Majors & Chris Makepeace race off to California in a fast car, with Jet pilot Burgess Meredith hot on their trail. This was a silly, fun, watchable flick that took a lot of good hits early on, especially from Servo. I enjoyed his riff... "Thank you dragon bitch", to which Joel admonishes (while trying to stifle a laugh) "I don't ever want to hear you say that again" and Tom innocently counters, "What, dragon?". Joel shows a good mind for classic Green Bay Packers (Tho he calls Willy Wood, "Woody Wood"). The only question left unanswered: What is a Chicken Party?

Host Segments
Intro: Dr F. conducts a cold fusion experiment, in Larry's mouth! We then move right to the doorway sequence without going to the SOL first. Segment 1: The Bots get a humanity lesson. Segment 2: The 1,000 fan club member is announced. Segment 3: Joel presents a poorly spelled letter from Bobby Hodges, and Servo gets in a hilarious jab - "Bobby's a freshman at the University of Minnesota".  End: Joel reads a letter about someone named Commander Paul. No Stinger: But if I chose one - The bad guys listen in as JG talks to his plane like a woman then hoots n' hollers.

Notable Riffs
"I was gonna send some flowers, but you can't even get those." - "So I sent some cabbage" - Old Guy/Servo / "Chris Makepeace looks like he combs his hair with an iron." - "A Five Iron" - Joel/Servo / "The Ichabod Crane School for boys" - Servo / "Lets see, formula 1 Porsche vs a golf cart?" - Servo/ "Suspect is driving a white dot!" - Servo / "I hope nobody pushes that guys flush button" - Crow / "Is he dancing with a guy?" - Joel / "Can you get a DUI for that?" - "Posthumously" - Joel/Servo

Stuff and Nonsense
Ms. Gidget Howell was the 1,000 MST3K fan club member. Joel reads her letter on air and has trouble with her name (Servo helps by saying she's the love child of Sally Field and Jim Backus. Ha, Ha). She is awarded a demon dog (as seen on TV) and Joel shows her how to wear it. I wonder where Gidget is today and if she still has her prize?

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