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K21 - The Legend of Dinosaurs

First Broadcast - 6 pm Sunday, May 28 1989

Sandy Frank presents a Japanese version of "Jaws", with a dinosaur. The gang are riffing at a quicker rate and though there are a few unfunny puns (many about corn) and lots of off pitch singing... the SOL crew also provide a generous helping of huge laughs as well; "It takes a big man to floss a whole mountain" - Joel.

While it might not be the popular opinion, I really, really enjoy Josh's Servo. I like how he'd have Tom shift away from mocker to commentator; as when one character decides the Dinosaur theory is stupid and offers that it's probably a big snake killing everything -as if that's a more comforting idea. Tom, annoyed, observes... "I don't know why a giant snake is any less terrifying!" LMAO, so true.

Other highlights: Servo does an excellent "Rain Man" imitation and quotes from "Raising Arizona" - The guys mistake a child on a woman's back for a growth needing a lancing and we hear our first "Huzzah"! Of Note:  Joel cracks up after flubbing a line. In the film two characters argue after one attempts to empty the others air tank. After a slap, Joel quips... "Finish the job man - open the tanks". Hodgson breaks down and explains... "I meant open the -laughs- tanks", which is a repeat of the flub so who knows what he was suppose to say

Host Segments
Intro: The Mads develop a marketing scheme based on the Beatles "Paul is Dead" rumors and look for evidence that "Joel is Dead". Joel asks if this doesn't make them feel bad inside, Dr.F & Larry respond, "We always feel bad inside" - "We just write it off as gas". Segment 1: Joel demonstrates a special effect: A giant boy attacks! (I assume this is special guest Ralph Smith - But was Ralph a fan, friend or family to a crew member? I asked Josh but he didn't know, and Phantom Engineer at the MST boards questioned Kevin Murphy who didn't have an answer either. Ralph, if your out there, contact us). Segment 2: It's the SOL as a sitcom, complete with bad jokes and a laugh track. Segment 3: Joel gives more lessons on movie magic using a fire breathing T-Rex model. End: J&TB's talk about what they're going to do during the summer. No Stinger: But if I chose one - Geologist drives off as smart mouth dude gestures and says... "Today's hero seeks adventure"

Notable Riffs
"I didn't know you could be retarded in such a big group" - Servo / "They're all full of pantyhose" - Crow / "Somebodies trying to get out of there with a machine gun... - Servo / "They struck girl!" - Joel / "Takes a big man to floss a whole mountain" - Joel / "It's Brook Shields, the Creature from the Blue Lagoon" - Servo / "A tree horse!" - Crow / "Does it have anything to do with corn?" - Joel / "Kitty" - Crow / "There's Clint Far-Eastwood." - Joel /"An eruption!?" - "Yeah I got excited" - Reporter/Crow / "You can't go in the water!" - "You'll wrinkle" - John/Crow

Riff Explained
Crow's report -"The weather today-muggy, tomorrow-tuggy, followed by wuggy and thuggy"-sounds like nonsense but it's part of an old comedy routine. John Lennon used it - before him, comic Henry Morgan delivered the line. And it was also said on "I Love Lucy" and was treated as an old joke there. (Special thanks to Merlin for clarifying this riffs origins)

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