Friday, August 15, 2014

L00 - World Without End

Premiered live - Midnight, Friday July 10th 1992

This is not part of the regular televised series; World Without End was riffed on as an experiment to see how MST3K would have worked in a live setting. (BTW: Show 405 made it's debut the week before). Half of the effort survives and can be seen because a fan taped it with a handheld camcorder. The DVD available from traders includes the first part of the movie unmsted as well as a question and answer session held after. While the pictures murky and it's difficult to catch everything that was said - armed with headphones, I was able to pick up most of the quips and was impressed with what I heard.

The movie is about 4 astronauts who enter a time warp and crash on an Earth devastated by atomic war. This version of Earth is populated with weak men in shiny skullcaps (which our crew compares to Keebler elves and Smurfs), their much stronger women and a tribe of murderous mutants. Though it's not the Brains most esoteric work, the crew does a bang up job of tackling this flick. Much like "This Island Earth", they hit a comfort zone of breezy quips that would appeal to a mass audience.

All told, this experiment was loads of fun and it's too bad we don't have the feature fully riffed. Perhaps one day a script will pop up and we can join in by MSTing the first half of the movie.

Host Segments
* Dr. F sends Joel and the Bots back to Earth for a brief time, so that he might conduct an experiment live. Frank is there, as is Mike, as Jack Perkins. * Skits have the SOL crew singing classic MST tunes: "The Godzilla Genealogy Bop", "Tibby the Turtle song" and "Patrick Swayze Christmas". * The show closes with Gypsy finally showing up (She has trouble finding parking) and before DR. F sends them back to space, the gang join together to sing Lou Reed's "Satellite of Love"

Notable Riffs
* "Safe and comfortable, that's all life means to them" - "They're Yuppies" - Astronaut/Crow
* "The women are wonderful though aren't they? So much more vital than the men" - "You tried both?" - Astronaut/Crow
* "I'm all locked up. I don't know what to say, what to do... Uh, can I touch your butt?" - Servo
* "They were poor, bloodless little things" - "They looked like the Ramones?" - Astronaut/Crow
* "And now Red in the silent spot: Red's a psychotic Keebler elf..." - Crow
* "I whacked the head fudge stripper - This is trouble" - Joel as Skullcap guy.
* "Rod packs a rod?" - Joel as woman
* "Someone has violated Smurf law!" - Crow
* "The Elf-B-I" - Joel
* "How do we fight these savages with pistols that burst, with ammunition that misfires?" - "Sell them the guns?" -Astronaut/Crow
* "You're not a mutate!" - "He's cute" - Astronaut/Joel as Astronaut

Stuff & Nonsense
* That large killer elf was played by Booth Colman, a character actor who has had scores of guest starring roles on TV (like the Outer Limits episode, "Zzzzz"). He played Dr. Zaius in the Planet of the Apes TV series.

* Credited as Shawn Smith, actress Shirley Patterson (Elaine) was Miss California in 1940. Seen mostly in B westerns, she was also the heroine opposite Lewis Wilson in the first 15-chapter Batman serial and had a part in "It: Terror From Beyond Space" (Which featured Crash Corrigan as the monster).

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