Monday, September 1, 2014

Season 5: My Favorite Year

This season of change opened with the second episode, Hercules, on July 17 1993 (501: Warrior of the Lost aired a week later) and closed on February 5th 1994 with 12 to the Moon. In addition to this marking the end of the Joel era and the start of Mike’s (setting off the great Joel vs. Mike flame war which raged for months). Bert I Gordon, long a show staple, will bow out with 2 experiments (Beginning of the End/Village of the Giants). We will receive our final 2 episodes with Beverly Garland as the star (Swamp Diamonds/Gunslinger) and it will also be the last time we see Hercules riffed on.

There were a few firsts as well. In addition to Mike, the best brains riffed on their first western (Gunslinger) and MSTies got their first look at Arch Hall Jr as well as Mary Jo Pehl (her first on screen appearance came as an Amazon mom on Hercules). All this and the MSTHour saw life, hosted by the hilarious Jack Perkins (played by Mike)

Season 5 was my absolute favorite. Joel (who had high praise for the season in regards to production, creativity, writting and performance in his 007 DVD intro) was never better, and Mike hosted several classics as well. 5 episodes will make my top 10, a season high 20 eps made the top 100 in total.

MST in 93
Turkey Day saw Comedy Central at a MSTies Halloween party hosted by Debbie Tobin. This was a 32-hour marathon consisting of 16 episodes, lasting from 6 PM on Wednesday (with Sinbad) until 2 AM on Friday (With Teenage Strangler) and saw the debut of Beginning of the End. The episodes they aired were #505, 423, 424, 422, 318, 308, 313, 319, 507, 417, 412, 420, 512, 513, 517, 514

MST wins a Peabody award for Outlaw

Mitchell was taken on the road for a College tour

What else was going on in 1993?
* The Cowboys beat the Bills 52 to 17 in Super Bowl XXVII
* Brandon Lee is accidentally killed on the set of the Crow
* Cheers ends its 11 year run on NBC
* Steffi Graf wins Wimbledon
* Nirvana releases “In Utero” on September 21st

My Top 15 Season 5 experiments (culled from my top 100)
1. Santa Claus (#2)
2. I Accuse My Parents (#4)
3. Magic Voyage of Sinbad (#7)
4. The Painted Hills (#8)
5. Eegah (#9)
6. The Girl in Lovers Lane (#19)
7. Mitchell (#26)
8. The Beginning of the End (#30)
9. Operation 007 (#35)
10. Village of the Giants (#41)
11. 12 to the Moon (#43)
12. Teen-Age Strangler (#46)
13. Teenage Crime Wave (#61)
14. Gunslinger (#64)
15. Hercules (#66)

Award Breakdowns
Best in Show: 7 total
Santa, Eegah, Sinbad, I Accuse My Parents, Girl in Lovers Lane, Mitchell, Painted Hills
Platinum: 5 total
Beg of the End, 12 to the Moon, 007, Village of the Giants, Teenage Strangler
Gold: 8 total
Teenage Crime Wave, Radar Secret Service, Hercules, Gunslinger, Brain w/Die, Outlaw, Super Dragon, Atomic Brain
Silver: 1 total
Warrior of the Lost World
Bronze: 3 total
Alien From L.A. Swamp Diamonds, Wild World of Batwoman
Sub Par: 0