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Season 6: Frank's Last Stand

Six opened on July 16th 1994 and close on March 25th 1995 with Samson vs. the Vampire Women. This will be the final season for TV's Frank. The ideal foil for Dr. F, he was sorely missed.

Though it opened with the competent Girl's Town, six was marked by a lot of gray, incompetent movies. It was the year of Coleman Francis (Skydivers, Red Zone Cuba & The Beast of Yucca Flats) , Starfighters and Racket Girls, Sinister Urges and the Dead (who talked back). It is also notable for Frank and Forrester's hilarious turn as riffers in Last of the Wild Horses”.

It's a solid year, one that has held up well. I’d rank it as my 4th favorite (just behind the truncated season 7). 9 experiments made my top 50. Invasion USA was the only episode that earned a "Tin" award, and there are 5 fair to okay "Bronze" winners (the most since season 2).

MST in 1994
A few days before the showing of the season's final episode, the "Mst3k Little Gold Statue Preview Special" airs on March 22nd 1995

Adam West hosted this years Turkey Day Marathon and was joined by guests Beverly Garland, Robert Vaughn and Mamie Van Doren. The 28 hour marathon opened with the debut of Kitten With A Whip at 8pm Wed, and closed with the first showing of Zombie Nightmare. Episodes were #615, 512, 402, 407, 422, 306, 321, 315, 311, 503, 511, 601, 316, 604.

The MST Hour is discontinued and goes into syndication

Bill Corbett contributes as a writer on some eps at the end of the season. Quirky Comedienne Maria Bamford can be heard playing fiddle in a skit for Bloodlust.

ConventioCon is held on Sept 16th and 17. It includes a panel with David Worth (Director of Warrior of the Lost World”), John Humphries (Mikey in Teenage Strangler) and Beverly Garland – The event closes with the gang riffing on This Island Earth

What else was going on in 1994?
* A few popular films: Forrest Gump, Pulp Fiction, the Mask and the Lion King
* Nancy Kerrigan takes a club on the leg, instigated by figure skating rival Tonya Harding. (Oksana Baiul will go on to win the Gold)
* O.J Simpson is arrested in connection to the murder of Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman
* NY Rangers win the Stanley Cup, ending a 54-year drought.
* Michael Jackson marries Lisa Marie Presley
* At age 45 George Forman becomes the oldest heavyweight boxing champion after knocking out Michael Moorer in the 10th round, Regaining the belt he lost 20 years before
* Kurt Cobain dies from a self-inflicted shotgun wound at the age of 27.

My 10 Favorite Season 6 experiments (culled from my top 100)
1. Beast of Yucca Flats (#3)
2. Girls Town (#11)
3. High School Big Shot (#15)
4. Samson vs the Vampire Women (#21)
5. Starfighters (#34)
6. The Violent Years (#39)
7. Sword and the Dragon (#40)
8. The Sinister Urge (#45)
8. Zombie Nightmare (#47)
10. San Fran Int (#63)

Award Breakdowns
Best in Show: 4 total
Yucca Flats, Girls Town, High School Big Shot, Samson
Platinum: 5 total
Starfighters, Violent Years, Sword & Dragon, Zombie Nightmare, Sinister Urge
Gold: 4 total
SF International, Skydivers, Dead Talk Back, Colossus
Silver: 5 total
Bloodlust, Creeping Terror, Last o/Wild Horses, Transparent Man, Danger Deathray
Bronze: 5 total
Diamondhead, Kitten w/a Whip, Racket Girls, Angels Revenge, Red Zone Cuba
Tin Foil: 1 total
Invasion U.S.A.
Sub Par: 0 total

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