Monday, September 1, 2014

Season 7: "Oh Poopie!" (Dr. Forrester's Last Words)

I’m going to combine the movie with season 7... which opened with 1 new episode on Turkey Day 1995, with Night of the Blood Beast. The ultra short season didn’t begin in earnest until Feb 3rd 1996, and lasted only to May 18th. In between that the movie This Island Earth premiered on April 18th 1996. Season 7 is short, but sweet and there’s not one bad episode in the bunch. Unfortunately, the loss of TV’s Frank was noticeable, as the Dr. F/Mother Pearl dynamic wasn't as entertaining.

It’s seems such an oddity. We had the book, a proposed CD-Rom and theatrical film. Mystery Science Theater appeared to be at the top of the mountain, and yet it all came tumbling down. The CD was never released; the movie was poorly promoted and distributed. And after 6 episodes MST3K was cancelled.

MST in 1995-96
Turkey Day 1995 is a 18 and half-hour marathon consisting of 9 episodes and 1 special. The bumpers see Dr. Forrester having to take care of Frank's guests (who he invited before he died). Episodes shown - #102, 105, 107, 106, 424, 512, 519, 609, 612, Poopie Parade of Values, 701TD

An infomercial, "The Poopie Parade of Values", staring Mike, Trace and Kevin, airs during the 1995 Turkey Day Marathon. The special shills the Poopie and MST Scrapbook tapes offered by BBI.

The Assignment Venezuela tape is offered on August of 1996.

What else was going on in 1995-96?
* The Okalahoma City bombing happens in April of 95
* The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame opens in Cleveland in Sept 95
* Cal Ripken Jr. breaks Lou Gehrig's record of playing 2131 consecutive baseball games.
* Journalist Veronica Guerin is shot and killed in her car just outside Dublin in 1996. Cate Blanchett will later portray her in a film.
* In Roslin, Scotland, Scientists cloned dolly the sheep 

My Favorite Season 7 experiments (culled from my top 100)
1. Night of the Blood Beast (#5 overall)
2. The Movie: This Island Earth (#36)
3. Deathstalker (#37)
4. Escape 2000 (#67)
5. The Incredible Melting Man (#78) 
6. Brute Man (#93)

Award Breakdowns
Best in Show: 1 total
Night of the Blood Beast
Platinum: 2 total
This Island Earth, Deathstalker
Gold: 2 total
Escape 2000, Melting Man
Silver: 2 total
Brute Man, Laserblast

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