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1005 - The Blood Waters of Dr. Z

First Broadcast - 11 pm Sunday, May 2nd 1999
* After the first airdate; the films owners issued a cease-and-desist and the episode was pulled. After some negotiation, Sci-Fi was allowed to show it again for a limited time (Aug 2002 and again in May of 2003)
Excellence Level: Silver
Movie Pain: High - TLC: Torpid, Lackluster and Cheerless
Riffing: Solid, good humor
Skits: Wildly funny

Rumpled mad man wants to turn himself into a fish and rule the universe? Boy, what a dink.
This wasn't a favorite the first time I saw it, in fact I hated it. The movie is very dull, the ending evokes feelings of despair and that makes it slow going 'riff wise' in spots. But Sci-Fi finally re-aired it after a long hiatus and I was surprised to find myself having a good time.
The film starts off with silly narration and a great folk song that the guys rip to shreds. Then finishes up strong with quip aided scenes such as: A woman's frustrated attempt to surf internet on her typewriter. A monster that blows on a victim's tumnmy. And the absolute hysterical moment with the guy in his Banana Splits mobile -slowly racing off to the rescue- accompanied by a dramatic "Peter Gunn" like score.
The host segments are equally fun. Crow mocking the films opening narration and the fishing sequence were both cute. Whereas Observer & Bobo's nude scene holds the potential to scar even the toughest of psyches.
Dr. Z is a flick that's pretty goofy -in a dank depressing way- all on its own. M&TB's simply add the much enjoyed icing to the cake.

Host Segments
Intro: Crow's chewing tobacco. Segment 1: Pearl withholds her love. Segment 2: This episodes best skit: Crow acts like Dr. Z while Mike shines his shoes. Segment 3: Fishing on the SOL. Mike reels one in. Segment 4: Brain Guy and Bobo perform a scene from "Glen Gary Glen Ross" in the buff. End: Handy carrying cases to keep food dry, and the Mermonkey. Stinger: "Sargassum, the weed of deceit"

Notable Riffs
* "Tonight, on Invisible Cracker Mom!" - Crow
* "And you, balding comb-over fish..." - Servo as Dr. Z 
* "Oh. I'm really going to sashay through the sarcasm." - Crow
* "Typical male, sitting in his chair, playing with his rod." - Servo
* "It's kinda weird when a monster has to use a handrail." - ??
* "Listen to that. This movie needs a whole new exhaust system." - Mike
* "This scene lit by a glow-in-the-dark super ball." - Crow
* "That was locked, but he now has the powerful forearms of a catfish" - Crow
* "The monster fights like a third grader." - Mike
* "I think I'll head over to Party Beach and see how the Horror is doing" - Servo
* "Ah, poor dope, routinely smacked around by fish" - Servo
* "Hey; He pre-bloodied his hand and hit the wall" - Crow
* "Alright, time to interview my hair."
* "Let's see what the Captain Crunch treasure map says." - Mike
* "Did I just hear a fish strangling a guy?" - Crow
* "I can't shoot straight; my flare pants keep catching the wind." - Mike
* "I mean, Mike, you've had victims die prematurely, but you don't act petulantly like this." - Servo
* "Just like Bela Lugosi, he's creating "Rice of Pipple" - Mike
* "On the bright side, shower caps are on sale" – Crow
* "It’s some kid with a Fisher Price Bubble Mower" – Crow (upon hearing popping sound)
* "Sorry about the noise, I use wax paper for underpants" - Mike

Skit Riff
* "Shoe polish...Cleaning compound of deceit" - Crow

Riff Explained
"I hope I don't run into Baron Barracuda, he's mean" - Crow
The Baron was a monocle wearing bad guy (who talked like Bela Lugosi) in the 1960's children's serial "Diver Dan". Dan and his mermaid friend Minerva, were the only live actors -the fish were puppets and the action was filmed through an aquarium to simulate the sea.

"Ben Yay?"
Crow says this when our hero's find white powder on the floor of the pharmacy. What he's saying is -Beignet- which is a square donut that is covered in powdered sugar. It's very popular in the Southern regions.

Stuff and Nonsense
* The young boy, who died while fishing with his parents, as he looks today. His name is Del Galloway and his father is Paul Galloway, who played the Sheriff. As of 2004, Del was the President and CEO for the "Public Relations Society of America" and Partner in the advertising and public relations firm, "Husk Jennings Galloway & Robinson" in Jacksonville.

* Originally titled "ZAAT" back in 1971, the movie was restored years later, with a directors cut.

* There is a Switzerland in Florida; it's a small town South of Jacksonville.

Available on DVD: Volume 17

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