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1006 - Boggy Creek II: And the Legend Continues

First Broadcast - 11 pm Sunday, May 9th 1999
#18 in Mighty Jack's Top 100
Excellence Level: Best in Show
Movie Pain: High - It's like slogging through a swamp
Riffing: Steady and smart, gets better with each viewing
Skits: Fair - offers a handful of chuckles

Despite what Mike says, this is not the story of fried pork rinds. If it were, Boggy Creek II would have been a good movie. Instead we are left with the "insufferable" director/actor Charles B. Pierce and his visionary chronicles on the legend of a swamp monster.
This experiment is chock full O' nutty & pointed Southern slams: From Mike's brilliant observation that a razorback hat lacks the quiet dignity of a cheese wedge, Servo's rousing driving song on Waffle Houses and Wild Turkey as well as Crow's sly dig -"It's the Orval Faubus Museum"- (which references the Arkansas Governor who, in 1957, used the National Guard to stop black children from attending Little Rock's Central High).
The Host Segments are not as stellar, though there are a couple of cute moments that got me chuckling. Bobo plays the Boggy Creature (complete with his own theme song) - the bit that had me laughing the most was the "Flashback" skit.
Still, mocking the shirtless ultra thin Tim (the directors son) and the inhuman grease pit known as Mr. Crenshaw (more disturbing than Torgo and Arch Hall Jr put together and yet without him, this film would be nothing) all help to make this one of the best episodes of the season. Oh and stay for the credits and listen to the little creatures stories. Snow...Head?

Host Segments
Intro: Mike & Crow are Cub Scouts, but Tom is a Brownie. Segment 1: Tom's now a Flemish glass blower. Pearl's potato plot to rule the planet. Segment 2: A pretty funny look at flashbacks. Segment 3: Observer's folk song about Bobo, the swamp Creature. Segment 4: Tom's whittle business. End: Crow tends to his fires. Bobo messes up Pearl's scheme. Stinger: "I saw the little creature" - "No, Nooo!"

Notable Riffs
* "It's a poop emergency... She snaps into action!" - Crow
* "The sun has a hard time getting up when we switch to daylight savings time." - Crow
* "It's okay, deer spontaneously regenerate bodies." - Mike 
* "So that's money, usually we get paid in opossum hides." Crow
* "Can I borrow a cup of shirt?" - Crow
* "So these three are all majoring in Boggy Creek studies?" - Crow
* "And he falls in and gets eaten by pigs." - Mike
* "Turn off the lights and let me project my thoughts." - Mike
* "We're drivin' down the road, looking for a Waffle House, drinking lots of Wild Turkey!" - Servo (singing)
* "Thank goodness for the Jeep's breaking distance of 500 yards." - Mike
* "Otis didn't believe in flashlight batteries..."- Crow 
* "Tanya, do you read" - "Third grade level." - Leslie/Crow
* "Every night we had to tie Tim in the trees to keep him safe from the creature." - Crow
* "He's riding a moose and he has a weapon!" - Crow
* "My wonderful discovery... let's kill it" - Mike 
* "Oh no, the South is going to do it again" - Mike
* "Now back to the more serious side." - "A urine story." - Dr. Lockhart/Crow
* "How much gas we got?" - "We have E Gallons." - Leslie/Crow
* "Look at that makeup. It looks like she's looking out of a charred log." - Mike
* "Perhaps they could fashion their eyeliner into a crude spear for protection." - Mike 
* "No woman should have to see the little creature." - Crow
* "Don't make me sic Tim on you." - Servo as Dr. Lockhart
* "Tim found a hollow spot in a tree and slept there." - Mike
* "God bless you half man, half pig." - Crow on Crenshaw

Riff Explained
"It's the Berserker residence" - Servo
Said when we first meet Mr. Crenshaw: Might refer to the fact that Jimmy Clem (Crenshaw) played the part of Olif, the Viking Berserker, in Charles B. Pierces epic "The Norseman"

"Me and the castrato will check this out" - Crow
Said when Doc & Tim check on a dead deer: A castrato is a male alto, soprano or mezzo-soprano, voice produced by castration of the singer before puberty... a practice begun in the 16th century, when the Catholic Church in Europe banned women from singing in choirs, & reached its peak in 17th & 18th century opera... 70% of opera singers of the Baroque period were castrati.

Stuff and Nonsense
The Little Creature was performed by Victor Williams. Is this the same fellow all grown up and playing Deacon Palmer in TV's "King of Queens"? I see this credited to the actor in a few places, but it's a common enough name and I've yet to find an interview where Victor owns up to the part.

Available on DVD: Collection volume 5

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