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607 - Bloodlust

With Short: Uncle Jim's Dairy Farm

First Broadcast - 7 pm Saturday, Sept 3rd 1994
Excellence Level: Silver
Movie Pain: Low - Decent enough direction & story for a B-Movie
Riffing: Solid, good humor
Skits: Moslty fair with some cute bits here and there

Robert Reed sucks in his gut throughout most of this movie - which is about a guy named "Albert Balleau" who, with the help of Jondor and some pirates M&TB name Salty Ron and Peg-Legged Dick, hunts humans on an isolated island.

Though not a belly busting classic, Bloodlust showcases some decent material, and it's made better by the presence of the short, "Uncle Jim's Dairy Farm". Where city folk and country living collide to provide knee slapping comedy. "You'll pay one day, hayseed" - Mike as Cow.

The featured film features the good: Crow generously helps an island mad man who can only say "Ah! Ah! Ah!" by adding... "Choo!" and Servo questions the dubious symbolism of the films final scene. As well as the inexplicable... In the ACEG they spoke of limiting themselves to only one "Brady Bunch" reference; why? They didn't put limits on the "Gilligan" quips during an Alan Hale Jr. movie. I can see it when you overwork a gag (as when they retired the "NBC Mystery Movie" riffs) but in this case I think they shot themselves in the foot and missed many a golden opportunity. Instead they chose to zero in on the "Bob Newhart Show" -"Hey Hartley"- (Jondor bears some resemblance to Mr. Carlin). Making this is a rare instance where I feel the Best Brains weren't thinking straight.

The episode also serves as the introduction of "Pearl Forrester". Many of the skits are wee slivers - Tom wrecks Crow's veggie stand and Crow wrecks a mystery party - both are trifles with little comedic weight. It is funny to hear Gypsy call Pearl a naughty name. And the Square Dance that descends into chaos was a kick, as it shows off the gangs deft timing and delivery. "Promenade!"

Host Segments
Intro: Servo psychoanalyzes Crow. Cute bit. Segment 1: Forrester's mother visits. Segment 2: Crows vegetable stand. Segment 3: A square dance on the SOL. Segment 4: Now it's a murder mystery party. End: Is Mike hunting the bots? Frank and Pearl ditch Clay, who then throws an apple at the button. Stinger: Captain Tony takes one in the solar plexus

Notable Riffs
Dairy Riffs
"Why Uncle Jim's even enrolled them in the Posse Comitatus" - Servo, after narrator tells of all the neat stuff the kids have done at the farm
* "Ah yes, now's the time for Jim's fundamentalist dogma." - Mike during dinner scene
* "Is Velveeta a member of the national dairy council?"- Mike
* "I'm dairy council intolerant." - Crow
"I just saw a finger." - Crow, as Cow food spills to the ground
"That's why I'm burning my bra." - Crow as Jane
* "Andy's calf is bigger and eating like a real cow" - "With a knife and fork, like a real gentleman" - Crow
"Elsie and I are in love and you can't stop us." - Mike

Blood Riffs
"While other men collect fame and riches" "I collect beer cans" - Albert/Mike
* "I just changed out of my smoking jacket" - Crow as Albert, er, Susan
"Now if you'll show the girls to the guest room" - "And the guest to the girls room" - Albert/Servo
"Now for some microwave French fries." - Crow as Albert
"I'm scared." "Nothing to be scared about, I'll be with you." - "My point exactly" - Jeannie/Pete/Mike as Jeannie
"Cadavers for Algernon." - Mike
"He's going to make some of his famous 'Toe Jam' ha, ha, he..." - Servo
* "Dean, I may never get the chance to say this again..." - "Never wear a Speedo" - Sandra/Mike as couple prepares to swim off the island
* "He shot the bear in mid standing ovation" - Mike
* "I've been a scholar all my life." "I've got a G.E.D." - Albert/Mike
* "If, earlier, he had said, 'I'll never be impaled on my own rack', then this would have been ironic. But..." - Mike
* "Man... His shirt's so tight, you can see his liver!" - Crow
"Mmmm, your lips are like crisp, delicious bacon." - Servo as Dean
"We didn't kill any guard." - "And we didn't steal no bike neither!" - Pete/Mike
* "You see, when lackeys turn on their masters they become bulletproof." - Servo

Riff Explained
"Wait, you forgot Tallulah Bankhead!" - Servo
Said as Captain Tony yells at the folks in a boat. This references the Alfred Hitchcock film, "Lifeboat". Bankhead stars as one of seven survivors, who are adrift in a small lifeboat after the ocean liner they were traveling on was torpedoed by a German U-Boat.

"No cookies, not now, not ever, never!" - Mike
Spoken as Balleau walks past stuffed Bear: This comes from the "Cookie Bear" skit on "The Andy Williams Show" (1969-71). The bit involved a bear (Janos Prohaska, who often played animals and creatures on TV shows like the "Outer Limits" & "Star Trek") trying to trick Williams into giving him a cookie. The sketches would always end with Williams shouting the line Mike speaks above

Stuff and Nonsense
* Wilton Graff (Balleau) played the part of Salieri in "The Mozart Story" (1948). Which was an adaptation of a German film and a prototype for the Oscar winning. "Amadeus".

* The actors who play Pete and Betty also starred together as Mike and Carol in "Earth vs the Spider", along with Troy Patterson (Cap Tony) who played bandleader Joe in "Spider". Betty (June Kenney) and Jeanne (Joan Lora) performed together in Corman's "Sorority Girl".

* Quirky Minneapolis comedian Maria Bamford can be heard playing the fiddle during the Square Dance skit.

Available on DVD: Collection Volume 1

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