Monday, August 25, 2014

809 - I Was A Teenage Werewolf

First Broadcast - 4 pm Saturday, April 19
#23 in Mighty Jack's Top 100
Excellence Level: Best in Show
Movie Pain: Low - This classic B-Movie's a hoot
Riffing: I Laughed so hard I wet 'em!
Skits: Gave up mostly chuckles and smiles

Though not a big fan favorite, I feel this classic Michael Landon fright flick receives some very clever, dead on Msting from start to finish. A great choice for an experiment - "Werewolf" isn't too painful to watch, but still provides M&TB with enough material to rip on. Including a clown mating dance, callbacks to "High School Big Shot" (same actor playing the dad) and harrowing scenes of milk throwing.

I've never thought of milk as a funny product, it's pale, bland and well, milky. Yet from the Best Brainers able minds this nutritious dairy product becomes down right hysterical. In addition to milk, they toss a few Bonanza, beef and giant hair jokes into the mix. To sum it up, Teen is one of those episodes where I find myself shaking my head in awe. I am so impressed with the way the riffing taps into the vibe of the film. The comedy is so tight, so perfectly constructed and delivered. It is one of several season 8 episodes, which show off the writing staff at the top of their game.

The "Aliens" based host segments aren't as stellar, but they do provide more than a few chuckles. I got a kick out of the way Crow was so into going out to a restaurant, and Servo firing Mike was cute.

Host Segments
Intro: Tom fires Mike and looks for a new Captain. Segment 1: Bobo does all the work on a camping trip. Magic voice warns of a hull breach and Tom is attacked. Segment 2: Crow tracks the alien. Segment 3: Commando Tom breaks down into tears. Segment 4: Alien egg omelets End: Mike repulses the alien and Pearl tells scary stories. Stinger: People bug me too.

Notable Riffs
"If only they provided milk to throw" - Crow
"Oooo, right in the Little Joe!" - Servo
"Give in to despair." - Crow as dad
"Get into your pet taxi." - Crow
"Now go spot some trains." - Crow as the Dr.
"Try banging on his food dish men" - Crow
"Now this is a map of the area" - "MY Area." - Cop/Mike
"I gotta throw ricotta at a stock boy." - Crow
"15 teenagers savagely tore apart one of their peers today" - Crow
"A good thing we switched to standard issue silver bullets a few years back" - Mike as cop
"So he wasn't gummed to death by a pack of baby mink" - Servo
"The people there believe in werewolves" - "They also believe in hairy armpits for women" - Dr./Mike
"I trust you implicitly doctor, nothing bad has happened under your care" - Mike as Tony
"I'm being attacked by a Berenstain Bear!" - Crow
"Animals are also afraid of Vacuum cleaners, so should we bring a bunch of those?" - Crow
"One advantage of a werewolf, they scoop their own poop." - Crow
"What am I gonna put on my coco puffs?" - Mike as Tony after a milk toss
"Oh God he's wearing black soled shoes in the gym!" - Servo as Teacher
"Does the wolf have rice cakes in his shoes?" - Servo

Riff Explained
"The bells bells bells bells bells bells the tintinnabulation of the bells!" - Servo.
Tom is reciting an altered version of Edgar Allen Poe's poem "The Bells".

"Boy, the newspapers will just eat this up" - "Or they might just reprint "Please God, I'm Only 17" - Cop/Crow
A story about a teenager who dies in an auto accident, was printed in "Dear Abby's" column several hundred 

Stuff and Nonsense
Yvonne Lime played the girl friend here, was 'Baby' in "Untamed Youth" and on TV's "Father Knows Best" she had the role of "Dotty". Yvonne (who now goes by the last name Fedderson) is one of the founders of "Childhelp USA" and today devotes her time to this noble cause.

* Prop Diva Beez McKeever makes her début as Magic Voice. This is the first time we hear Magic Voice speak during the Sci-Fi era and she'd only be heard once more thereafter (during the "Deadly Bees")