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810 - Giant Spider Invasion

First Broadcast - 4 pm Saturday, May 31 1997
#94 In Mighty Jack's Top 100
Excellence Level: Silver
Movie Pain: High - Warning: Viewing film could cause injury or death
Riffing: Solid, good humor
Skits: Induced mostly smiles

Alan Hale (who constantly laughs at things that aren't funny in the least) and Perry Masons secretary, vs big VW spider on wheels! This nasty Bill Rebane flick gets an uneven thrashing from the SOL crew. There were times when I could hardly muster up the enthusiasm for even a chuckle, then "Bam!" The guys riff a full out assault on Wisconsin and beer swilling Green Bay fans, that had even this long time 'Packer Backer' roaring. 

The cast of characters is noteworthy: Dysfunctional couple, "Lactating" Dan (pictured) and "Liquored up" Ev, is a classic duo (with Dan's "rat turd" line a highlight). They fueled the most laughs for me -"Honey, lets play William Burroughs and Joan" - Crow. Dang that's a darkly wicked but funny quip. Plus watching Barbara Hale & Doughy guy roll down a hill is worth the price of admission all on its own.

On the downside - the "Body Snatchers" host segments were cute but didn't hit my funny bone and again, the theater segments were choppy -- but there are some real gems splattered throughout this episode, so it's well worth checking out.

Host Segments
Intro: Cheerleader Tom needs an "A". Segment 1: Alien pods have their hooks in Pearl & Brain Guy. Segment 2: Gypsy's possessed and is trying to get the others to join her. Segment 3: Trying not to sleep, M&TB enlist Bobo's help. Segment 4: Which Tom is the real Tom? Only his underwear knows for sure. End: Bobo saves the day and Pearl makes the gang watch the movie again. Stinger: Longhair gives the raspberry!

Notable Riffs
"Uh oh, his hair started a grease fire." - Crow
"You know, they're poor only in money... and spirit, and dignity, and moral fiber, and hygiene." - Mike
"The spider is going to have a heart attack from eating so many cheeseheads." - Mike
"Snap, Crackle, Poop." - Crow
"Packers fans - the horrible truth." - Crow
"Action Alan Hale and Action Alan Hale Gun sold separately." - Mike
"It's a cheese fueled mob frenzy!" - Mike
"I'm gonna squash your shoe under me" - Servo
"A Professor made a toaster out of coconuts?" - Crow
"She's drinking fermented Yoo Hoo!" - Servo
"Actually filmed inside the thumbhole of a bowling ball." - Servo
"The things I can do with my Spirograph" - Mike
"Oh! My bloody Mary has legs" - Crow as Ev
"Oh, no. A spider the size of a Buick is attacking his Buick" - Mike
"I wanna go pet the wounded goat" - Servo
"If you see only 10,000 movies this year, make sure this isn't one of them."- Crow
"Got milk?" - Mike (as cow's head)
"I can't believe I let you roll on me" - Mike as Barbara Hale
"Greasy guys carrying unconscious girls, comfortable 2 PM beer buzz...you homesick yet, Mike?" - Servo

Riff Explained
"Pull up Laika, pull up" - Crow
Laika (Barker) was a dog that flew in the Soviet Union's craft, "Sputnik 2". Launched on November 3rd 1957, she was the first living creature in outer space. There was no way to return Laika to Earth, and with malfunctions, experts feel she only survived a few days.

"We still on for the Richard Feynman lecture?" - Crow
Nobel prize winner, Richard Feynman is arguably the most brilliant physicist of our age. Ev and Dan do strike me as the type of folks who'd have a deep love and understanding of quantum mechanics... NOT!

Stuff & Nonsense
* Wisconsin born Robert Easton, not only acted in the movie (Dan) but was one of the screenwriters as well. Easton is a noted dialect coach who worked with Robin Williams on "Good Will Hunting" and Hillary Duff in the "Lizzie McGuire Movie".

* Servo's Underwear Collection consists of… 342 pairs of cotton boxers, no duplicates – 78 pairs of silk boxers – 702 high cut briefs – 55 low cut briefs – 7 banana warmers – 1 “Home of the Whopper” brief and 1 Joe Namath netted slingshot brief prototype.

Available on DVD: Collection volume 10

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