Saturday, August 9, 2014

K01 - Invaders from the Deep

First Broadcast - 6pm Thurs, 11/24/88

Oh, Happy Day! In 2017 this and KO2 were made available to Kickstarter backers for Season 11. And aside from a few blips, they look great, better than any KTMA we've seen so far. The riffing is very spars. Joel isn't even in the theater at the start of the film, and says little once seated. He munches on popcorn and beer-nuts, chuckles during the flick and makes a cute comment or two. Crow joins him at the half-hour mark and the duos interaction adds a little more punch. It's not a laugh riot, but for die hard MSTies it's wonderful to see where it all began.

As for the movie: Invaders is a compilation of episodes from the Gerry and Sylivia Anderson supermarionation series, "STINGRAY".The episodes used in Invaders include: "Hostages of the Deep", "Deep Heat", "The Big Gun" and "Emergency: Marineville".

The first show was originally listed as being "Thunderbirds From Outer Space"; the Sales tape shows scenes from this movie, without the shadowrama (Though the announcer calls it "Thunderbirds to the Rescue"). I've read on a forum that Joel has said there was a lost ep that never aired, could “Thunderbirds” be that episode?

BTW: Beeper is mentioned in
a host segment, though not seen.

Host Segments
Intro: Joel says that the guys at the station sent him a facsimile telling him that the next movie is called Invaders From the Deep. Crow is seen. Joel then shows off his Man Eating Plant and his Air Bag Helmet for Motorcyclist. Segment 1: Joel shows off his Vacuum Flower's, one of which is sick and shoots out foam. Joel asks for Gypsy's help and she gets sick as well. This mirrors scenes from the pilot. Segment 2: Everything's sick on the SOL. Joel uses a snake thermometer on Gypsy. Closing Segment: Joel imitates Troy's walk, he invites viewers to call in and shows off the electric bagpipes. Crow pops in and they talk about space viruses and the nature of their reality.

Notable Riffs
"That's very well lit for the bottom of a crater of an abandoned volcano at the bottom of the sea" - Crow (voiced by Josh for scene pictured above) *
"Levitating Lazy Boys" - Joel * "Are they sweating or is that sap?" - Joel * “It's your mystery date!” - Joel (when Marina is revealed) * “I'd be tired if I had to carry a diving board around on my head” - Crow (Joel laughs) * “He's got a remote commode, that guy” - Joel * “I think that gun is my mother.” - Crow *

Stuff and Nonsense
This was Gerry Anderson's third supermarionation series (which came just before his big hit, Thunderbirds). Stingray was the weapon used by the WASPs (the World Aquanaut Security Patrol) as they went about their underwater adventures.

Robert Easton (Giant Spider Invasion, Touch of Satan) did voicework on this series, most notably as the character "Phones".

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