Saturday, August 9, 2014

K01 - Invaders from the Deep

First Broadcast - 6pm Thurs, 11/24/88

Not currently available to the public. Invaders is a compilation of episodes from the Gerry and Sylivia Anderson supermarionation series; STINGRAY. The episodes used in Invaders include: "Hostages of the Deep", "Deep Heat", "The Big Gun" and "Emergency: Marineville".

The first show was originally listed as being "Thunderbirds From Outer Space"; the Sales tape shows scenes from this movie, without the shadowrama (Though the announcer calls it "Thunderbirds to the Rescue"). It might very well have been the plan to do TFOS, but Invaders was substituted instead.

The movies are now being sent to Joel and as seen in the opening theme, we know that Joel was with Crow in the theater (with Josh providing the voice) and in a host segment Beeper is mentioned (though not seen).

Host Segments
 As seen in Segment 3 of show K17 - Joel says that the guys at the station sent him a facsimile telling him that the next movie is called Invaders From the Deep. Segments ?: Joel shows off his Vacuum Flower's, one of which is sick and shoots out foam. Joel asks for Gypsy's help and she gets sick as well. This mirrors scenes from the pilot and it's assumed that the rest of the skits follow suit

Notable Riffs
"That's very well lit for the bottom of a crater of an abandoned volcano at the bottom of the sea" – Crow (voiced by Josh for scene pictured above)

Stuff and Nonsense
This was Gerry Anderson's third supermarionation series (which came just before his big hit, Thunderbirds). Stingray was the weapon used by the WASPs (the World Aquanaut Security Patrol) as they went about their underwater adventures.

Robert Easton (Giant Spider Invasion, Touch of Satan) did voicework on this series, most notably as the character "Phones".

Thanks to Genesis at we now know that Trace and Bill weren't the only ones to puppet Crow in the theater. In the first episode it was Josh's job (so where was Trace?)

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