Saturday, August 9, 2014

K02 - Revenge of the Mysterons From Mars

First Broadcast - 8 pm Thurs, Nov 24, 1988

Not currently available to the public. This is another supermariantions compilation from the mind of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson. It's "Captain Scarlet", their follow up to Thunderbirds. The story involves a Cary Grant soundalike agent, who battles alien invaders called the Mysterons. The episodes used for this movie are... "Shadow of Fear", "Lunarville 7", "Crater 101" and "Dangerous Rendezvous".

Once again what we know about this episode comes from the Genesis clips and the snippets seen in the Scrapbook tape and show K15. Joel is seen wearing his tan jumpsuit with blue undershirt - Of interest because it's one way to tell the difference between the host segments for this and K03 (In which he's seen wearing a white undershirt). Beeper is now Servo (who sounds like a beatnik), both he and Crow join Joel in the theater.

Host Segments
Intro: As seen in the scrapbook tape: Joel and Crow are frustrated about being up in space during Thanksgiving. There's some talk about the Macy's parade, whether an Underdog balloon receives residuals and a dig at Geraldo Rivera. Segment ?: Joel & Crow discuss Thanksgiving dinner (and Crow suggests eating "Turkey Crisp Cereal" for breakfast)- Servo acts as if they are playing a TV game show and offers up random answers. Segment ?: Joel and the (puppet) bots draw hand-turkeys. Crow's had radar, Gyps makes a strange fat, round turkey. Segment ?: As seen in the montage from show K15, Gypsy brings Joel a bunch of Thanksgiving gourds.

Notable Riffs
A character from the movie mentions a gasoline tanker and Crow responds... "They’re going to get tanked"

Stuff and Nonsense
To honor their first two episodes; the Brains named the Mole people seen in Seasons 2 & 3, after Gerry and Sylvia Anderson. Creators of Captain Scarlet and Stingray.

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