Friday, August 29, 2014

K03 - Star Force

First Broadcast - 6 pm Sunday, Nov 27 1988 

Not currently available to the public. Strangely, they showed Star Force: Fugitive Alien II, Before Fugitive Alien I. Like many from KTMA, this movie will be covered again during season 3 (where they will air in order).

The scrapbook tape shows us that Joel, Crow and Servo are all in the theater and Genesis clips offer up more insights into the episode. Gypsy is called Gypsum and Servo has yet another change on his vocals, this time he sports the froggie voice.

Host Segments
Intro: Joel shows off his Num clucks for farm people (and mentions that he programmed bots to laugh at everything he says). Later he displays the gun that helps bank robbers communicate with the people they are robbing, as well as the chyro helmet. Joel introduces the movie and announces that it stars actual humans. Segment ?: As seen on the scrapbook tape; Crow tries to clue Gypsum in on what Thanksgiving is all about. He thinks it has something to do with a green and yellow van - and Joel has to explain why the Indians ate mace. Segment ?: Crow and Tom have clothespins on their noses as part of a drug experiment. Segment ?: Gypsum now has a clothespin and Joel explains drugs to her using psychedelic glasses, and later by rattling her head to simulate a bad trip.

Notable Riffs
"They must have spent 10s of dollars on this" - Servo

Stuff and Nonsense
Joel with his Num-Clucks. This skit will be revisited again during season 3, episode #322, Master Ninja I

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