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K04 - Gamera vs. Barugon

First Broadcast - 6 pm Sunday, Dec 4 1988

As with the previous eps, t
here are some cute moments, but obviously, far less quality riffing than fans are used to. Josh has Servo speaking in a Kermit meets Pee Wee Herman voice, which makes him come off sweet and child like rather than the acerbic know it all we are familiar with.

Other fun asides: We see Joel smack Crow upside the head to get him to stop doing his pirate voice and when Servo accurately predicts Gamera's fate in his first battle against Barugon, he boasts... "My head doubles as a crystal Ball". Ha, Ha!

Host segments are a gas with the answering machine (chap stick?). Do you think the caller that didn't get it ever became a fan?

Host Segments
Intro: Joel introduces the film "You'll believe a giant mutated anatomically correct turtle can fly". A message from a happy caller is played. Segment 1: The gang listens to messages. One guy doesn't get it and Servo calls him a "wingnut", another wants "More, More, More!" Segment 2: A caller wants less movie and more chap stick. Which upsets Gypsy, since she has the biggest lips. Segment 3: Crow gives advice on keeping clean and neat. End: Servo and Crow prank call Domino's and Crow explains doggie doo. No Stinger: But if I chose one - Military guy says... "The monster can destroy everything with its tongue"

Notable Riffs
"Nothing disgraces a turtle more than getting shot with corn starch!" - Joel / "I told you that introducing the Frisbee to Japan would be a bad idea" - Servo / "Mr T Leaf" - Servo / "It's a smoking jacket, you guys" - Joel / Oh it's a frostee maker" - Crow / "He's giving his tongue a rest" - Servo / "Operation Rear View Mirror has failed." - "Now do Operation Fuzzy Dice" - General/Servo / "I just don't want to be around when they mark their territory" - Joel /

Stuff and Nonsense
* In the credits the theme song is listed as performed by "Joel and the Joels" and the Best Brains used to be "Hair Brain Productions".

* Though they might exist in an earlier ep - thus far this is the first "Rhubarb" (said during a crowd scene) as well as riff-erences to M*A*S*H and Gilligan’s Island, that we have (which will lead to many more in the future).

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