Friday, August 29, 2014

K05 - Gamera

First Broadcast - 6 pm Sunday, Dec 11 1988

One of the interesting and charming aspects of these early shows, was using an answering machine to listen to fan messages. One of the downsides was that often crew members were M.I.A. In This case it leaves Joel all by his lonesome in the theater.

With more uncomfortable silence than ever before, we can only thank the good Lord above that they remade this for season 3. Still, you do get a frustrated Joel taking a swing at Kenny, and that's good enough to keep this from getting a flunking grade

Host Segments
Intro: It's the holiday season on the SOL and Crow is frozen and turned into a Christmas tree. Segment 1: Joel thinks about turning Servo into a snowman. A caller wants to know who does Joel's hair. Segment 2: More answering machine shenanigans; a young viewer wants Godzilla on the show. Joel announces a call in "Ted Turner" quiz. Segment 3: A caller who likes giant mutant turtles, another who believes Gamera's fights are rigged. Joel and Servo review some film. End: Joel explains the holidays to Gypsy and both sing a song. Stinger: None, but if I chose one... Old farmer says "I never saw a ball of fire before that changed its course"

Notable Riffs
"Enough for you, you're hammered" / "Tibby's grown up" / "This must be the hospital where they've taken Timmy" / "It's a good thing they ducked" (said after Gamera obliterates a control tower) / DR. HIDAKA: "I must go back to the University!" - JOEL: "But that could take years! Maybe just a refresher course or something..."

Stuff and Nonsense
* Trace was out of town and you can tell it's Josh doing the voice of Crow as he freezes.

* Though the theme song lyrics hold the Mads responsible... Joel makes the statement (During the intro) that he's "Dug through the archives" and selected this movie.

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