Friday, August 29, 2014

K06 - Gamera vs. Gaos

First Broadcast - 6 pm Sunday, Dec 18 1988

I have such fond memories of this movie. Watching this movie on Creature Feature Theater like it was the greatest thing ever filmed, Ahh sweet childhood. As for the Msting, Crow is still a Christmas Tree but Servo is back from an unexplained absence and soon introduces his new 'Mighty Voice'! I have to say, I kinda missed his cute lil froggy voice but I understand it was difficult to do every week. This is also the first episode where the Mads get officially blamed for sending Joel those movies (In K05, Joel gave the impression that he chose the movies).

In the theater, it's a blast listening to the guys crack each other up: Joel gets Servo chuckling as he tries to pronounce the names in the credits, while Joel breaks up when Tom makes a comment about salt water and disembodied limbs not helping Gaos' mood. Also, catch Joel calling Tom Servo, Josh! Biggest laughs come from the Mooing Grandpa, making this a big step up from last week.

Host Segments
Intro: Joel sez: Call your friends and have them tune in "Your eyes wont believe what your hands have done" and he advises that scary guys with low IQ's not to call because they're frightening Gypsy. A caller complains about all the Gamera flicks so Cambot shows a picture of the Mads (Gypsy screams). Segment 1: Joel adjusts Servo's voice. Tom sings "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" while sounding like Dr. Ruth, Ethyl Merman, etc. Segment 2: Gypsy wants a new voice too, a caller wants Crow back. Gypsy eats tinsel thinking it's shiny spaghetti. Segment 3: The gang get invited to a birthday party. They can't make it but Servo offers him some advice, "Wear 'Old Spice', walk briskly to and from your job... Fill your head with candy."  End: Joel & Tom announce a special New Years Eve edition of MST. No Stinger: But if I chose one- Scientist says... "It's a big one"

Notable Riffs
"It's always funny until someone loses an entire body" - Servo / "That's a pretty advanced Etch-A-Sketch" - Servo / "Gravel is known to fight infection among turtles" - Joel / "I'll just sit here and moo to myself." - Servo as Gramps / "MOOO!" - "Grandpa shut up!" - Cow/Servo as Grand Daughter / "Grandpa thinks he's a saxophone now" - Servo / "We gotta get fresh milk from somewhere?" - "Get it from Grandpa." - Goofy worker/Servo / "I wonder how the people are doing in the restaurant underneath" - Joel / "I said a Blood Lite" - Joel as Gaos / "It looks like Big Daddy Roth drew that." - Joel /

Riff Explained
Joel notes that Gaos' blood looks like Burple. What's Burple? It was a powdered drink mix which came in an accordion style bottle. You stretched out the bottle before adding water and the noise it made sounded like a burp. It faded from existence after about a year.

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