Friday, August 29, 2014

K07 - Gamera vs. Zigra

First Broadcast - Midnight Saturday, Dec 31 1988

I'm all turtled out - In this episode Crow is finally thawed out and we have a full crew on board. The movie, about an underwater invasion, is laughable all on its own and J&TBs seem to be having a good time with it. It's fun how they time the commercial/segment breaks with what's going on in the film. For example, everyone is told to "Evacuate Immediately" so the gang does just that and leaves the theater. Joel pretends to swim and at the end the gang sings a few lines of the Gamera song we will all grow to love in season 3. Also of note: we have the first on screen, speaking appearance of the Mads during a host segment.

Host Segments
Intro: Crow thaws out and the guys banter about for a while. Segment 1: J&TBs receive a transmission from the Mads. They are upset because a Russian version of the show, "Very Incredible Movie Theater 4", is getting better ratings. Dr F. offers to let Joel return to Earth if he'll agree to join their Underwater experiment. Segment 2: Joel has the blues so Crow and Gypsy try to cheer him up with phone messages. One caller asks if Gypsy has a speech impediment. Segment 3: The guys make New Year's resolutions, Joel wants world peace and a photon torpedo. Servo counts down the final seconds of 1988. End: The SOL crew review the movie. No Stinger: But if I chose one... Zigra gal breaks out of trance and says... "How did I get here? I was just on the moooon!"

Notable Riffs
"He's brushing with whip cream?" - Joel / "Gamera thinks he's been hitting the sauce too much" - Servo / "I think he's so wonderful, I love Gamera" - "Keep your shirt on honey" - Girl/Joel / "Oh, right in the Eggo!" - Servo / "Hey Joel, there's a thing on your head." - Crow / "AAAAAA!" - "I can see how that would annoy a dolphin" - Scientist/Servo / "There are limits to what we humans can do" - But we can go into a walkie talkie going... AAAAA!" - Scientist/Servo / "Now he's doing Gene Simmons." - Servo on Gamera / "I'll frisk her." - Crow as military man / "Expensive special effects" - "Tens of tens of dollars went into this" - Crow/Servo / "It's a showerascope now." - Crow / "The kids are leaking" - Joel / " has left me abnormally large." - "EW!" - Zigra/Joel 

Stuff and Nonsense
* The fan copy of this episode has an introduction with Tom Servo apologizing about this being an encore presentation (He then plugs the fan club before the episode starts). I wonder if any other re-runs carried similar openings?

* An hour into the episode, Tom sings "We believe in Gamera" - and thus begins a memorable chapter in MiSTory.

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